Web developer chrome extension 


We are looking for web developer chrome extension engineer. 

Title: web developer chrome extension  

Company: Brain Trust 

Location: Toronto, Canada 

About us:  

The brain trust is the network that gives all types of talented freedom of free lancers. Firstly, it is a regionalized talent network, and our web3 revolution ensures that people who find work depend on Brain Trust, allows promoting their earnings. 

Job type: freelance 

Duration: 50hr/week 

Salary: $80-$100/hr. 

The opportunity: The platform team create technology that learns quickly and can grow in their business. They had worked in many fields. One billion clients to say welcome you, need framework, skills and web developer. Join as a senior web developer chrome Extension and help to make the standard design at a high level.

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We are looking for a web developer who designs the system. As a senior design system engineer, you participate as a technician, and our current design system grows on the standard level. You are the best person who designs the system with collaboration and inclusion. The impact of your work will be significant to the client as you ship a system which powers products that are one part of millions of users every day. 

If you are interested in a web developer chrome extension, then we are with you.!

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Who you are: 

You are an expert in creating system design, evolution and distribution of design systems (this is preferred, not necessary). 

We need good listener and communication to anticipate the needs of partners. You should be experienced in working with Typescript and very professional in HTML and CSS. 

You care deeply about serviceability, availability and performance.

Where you will be

We are a different workforce that enables top work with other people. 

Working hours: We manage within the EST time zone for all candidates.

You can also visithttps://itjobsupdate.com/ 

What you will do: 

Work daily in cross functional team coordinate. 



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