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Top 10 visa sponsored jobs in UK You Can Apply for Today

What makes England so special to live in? Is it the traditions that date back centuries, the world-class cities and communities, or perhaps the fantastic natural scenery? Whichever it may be, there’s no denying that England has something unique to offer its citizens and tourists. So if you are considering starting your visa sponsorship job in England, be sure to do your research before you send off your application. Check out these ten visa sponsorship jobs in England and see if they will work for you!


Many people are interested in the process of visa sponsorship and are eager to work and live overseas. They want to understand the visa-sponsored job process and figure out what that entails before they make their decision. UK Visa, a visa sponsorship company, specializes in helping people relocate to Great Britain, so it’s a superb place to start if you’re thinking about this type of career move.

Top 10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in England
  1. Financial Services

visa sponsored jobs in UK allow international applicants to work in the United Kingdom without being residents. These visa sponsorship jobs in the UK are sponsored by the local employer and are issued as an 8-month visa, which may be extended. This type of job would require UK employees to have professional skills not available locally and offer opportunities for skilled international people wishing to come to work.

Top 10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in England
  1. Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Many visa-sponsored jobs in England are offered to skilled workers. Skilled workers include those with a high school diploma and ten years of experience or those with a Bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience. Visa sponsorship can be given to one person, such as an expert dentist or a team of tradespeople who work together.

Top 10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in England
  1. Hospitality & Retail

It’s never been easier to get a visa for the UK. These ten jobs are perfect if you have retail or hospitality experience and are ready to apply. Apply today before they’re gone! 1) Manager of Guest Services – Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City Center 

2) Hotel Supervisor – Hilton Birmingham City Center 

3) Housekeeping Supervisor – Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City Center 

4) Restaurant Manager – Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City Center 

5) Assistant Manager of Food & Beverage – Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City Center 

6) Sous Chef (Indian Cuisine), Freshly Cooked Tandoori Kitchen – Holiday Inn London-Tower Bridge

Top 10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in England

The United Kingdom welcomes IT professionals, and the great thing about IT jobs is that employers always seek talent. Whether you are a skilled software developer, an expert database administrator, or someone with a background in cyber security, there is never a shortage of job openings across the country. Salaries range from £31,000 to £55,000 depending on your experience level and employer. Qualifications vary from A-levels to PhDs, but many companies will hire on skill set alone and consider your degree if it relates to the position you are applying for. Using one of these top employers is the best way to begin your career search.

06)Cyber Security

After acquiring these skills, try looking into entry-level positions as an IT Support Engineer or an IT Administrator where there will be less competition but plenty of training time to prove your skill set. If you already have a degree, look into a cybersecurity analyst position, one of the fastest growing fields in the UK today. The average salary for this position is £47,500.

07)Data Analyst

One of the fastest-growing fields that are full of career opportunities right now is data analytics. Digital analysts process and organize large amounts of information and make sense of it by transforming it into understandable formats. It’s the ideal job if you want to work with cutting-edge technologies, delve deep into subjects that interest you, and apply your skills creatively. Data analysts usually function in a professional environment where they collaborate with other team members, such as web developers or IT specialists, to ensure successful projects.

Top 10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in England

08)Financial Manager jobs

Financial managers oversee their company’s financial aspects and create strategies to promote better fiscal operations. For example, you would work closely with senior management to determine pricing strategies. When a company is preparing its annual budget, you would be an integral part of that process. To become a Financial Manager, you would typically need a finance degree or prior experience in this field.

9) Science & Technology

Technology has made it possible to do anything from your phone or computer. This includes being able to apply for a job. Hiring managers have been turning to digital hiring methods because they offer applicants anonymity, convenience, and lower costs. One of the hottest trends is a vísa sponsorship program. 

Below are ten visa sponsored jobs in UK you can apply for today. Be sure to submit a personalized resume and cover letter, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

10) Remote Jobs

The visa sponsorship is a program whereby people from outside the European Union with skills or expertise required to fill gaps within the UK’s labor market can reside and work in the UK with a supported visa. 

The visa sponsor can be either an employer or an educational institution. For example, you may be sponsored by your employer who will employ you as they’re filling vacancies; alternatively, if you’re skilled at plumbing and engineering, but don’t want to practice these skills abroad, then you may be sponsored by a university where departments are looking for someone like you.

Being the UK-hired visa sponsor is often extremely attractive to potential employees due to this process’s certainty.

Companies that Sponsored UK Visa for Work:

Here is the list of APPROVED companies that sponsored visa for the Jobs in England:

CompanyWebsiteSocial websiteTownIndustryMain TierSub TierDate Added
(Arbuthnott Community Association) Lewis Grassic Gibbon CentreLaurencekirkOthersWorker (A rating),Temporary Worker (A rating)Skilled Worker,Voluntary Workers28/07/2021
@ Architect UK LtdWest HorndonArchitectureWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker13/08/2021
@ Home Accommodation Services LtdLondonLegalTemporary Worker (A rating),Worker (A rating)Creative & Sporting, Skilled Worker04/08/2013
[AI] INFINITI LIMITEDCroydonComputer ProgrammingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker07/04/2021
\Houseline LimitedLondonOthersWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker17/03/2022
]performance s p a c e [FolkestoneOthersTemporary Worker (A rating)Creative & Sporting09/10/2014
+Plus Care LtdManchesterArts ,EntertainmentWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker23/08/2022
003 LtdHounslowOthersWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker17/02/2022
01 ACCOUNTING SERVICES LTDLONDONLegalWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker28/07/2021
012 Global LtdLondonEducationWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker16/10/2020
04608413PooleOthersTemporary Worker (A rating)Creative Worker23/08/2022
0xA Technologies LtdLondonComputer ProgrammingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker02/02/2022
1 Diamond Homecare LimitedPontefractRecruitmentWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker06/09/2022
1 Digitals Europe LimitedSloughComputer ProgrammingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker12/03/2020
1 Jupiter Star Ltd t/a Gurkha OvenSpaldingFood & AccomodationWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker08/11/2021
1 Key Solution LimitedLeicesterAdvertisingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker08/08/2022
1 Stop Print LtdIlfordManufacturingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker25/06/2014
10 Europe LimitedEdinburghArchitectureWorker (A rating),Worker (A rating)Skilled Worker, Intra-company Routes03/05/2014
100 SHAPES LTDLONDONComputer ProgrammingWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker26/10/2018
1000heads LtdLondonManagementWorker (A rating)Skilled Worker04/08/2013
This list is taken from the site

Conclusion of Visa Sponsorship jobs in England:

Hopes that not all but many of your queries about visa sponsored jobs in UK solved out. You can see the great variety of jobs listed on their website available to work and live in the UK. You may find a job you like and find something new to learn. All these positions are waiting for an applicant, so you no longer need to wait! All you have to do is pick one, register online and go through the application process as you would with any other employer. When you get your visa sponsorship letter from the government agency, it will be sent directly to your mailbox. If you want to know more about this or any other visa sponsorship program, contact them at 0845 360 8185 or send them an email at:

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