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UX Research Manager

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote UX Research Manager Job, we will describe GitLab.
With over 100,000 organizations using our DevSecOps platform to streamline software delivery, GitLab is a leading global all-remote company with a diverse workforce of over 2,000 workers.
We are promised to fostering a culture of inclusivity where everyone is encouraged to contribute their unique talents.
Join us as a UX Research Manager, where you will lead and mentor a team of UX Researchers, oversee critical research projects, and help shape the future of the GitLab product and our UX Research team. Discover Life at GitLab and become part of our vibrant community.

What you’ll do in this role

As a UX Research Manager, you have the following role.

  1. Lead, mentored, and managed a team of up to 7 UX Researchers, setting clear expectations and goals and holding them accountable for success.
  2. Foster a culture of openness and collaboration founded on trust among the UX Research team and oversee Research Operations.
  3. Conduct a mix of problem validation, foundational research, and strategic research projects, and teach others to apply various research methods.
  4. Maintain regular communication with Product Management Directors to gain insights into the strategic direction, manage the quality of work, and prioritize UX Research activities.
  5. Develop and utilize reusable research project prioritization approaches for UX Researchers, and propose solutions to improve team efficiency.
  6. As a UX Research Manager, you will be responsible for contributing to the direction of the UX Research team and having a working knowledge of the end-to-end GitLab product. Additionally, you will have a significant impact on the overall objectives and long-term goals of the UX Research team.
  7. Evangelize research by sharing user insights both internally and externally in creative ways.
  8. Actively contribute to UX Research processes, documentation, and repositories, and engage in social media efforts as appropriate.
UX Research Manager

You should apply if you bring

You must bring the following things when applying as a UX Research Manager.

  1. Possess extensive expertise in UX Research and have hands-on experience in research.
  2. Have several years of experience leading UX Researchers and managing Research Operations.
  3. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, both verbal and written.
  4. Proven track record of driving change through UX Research.
  5. Demonstrate a passion for UX Research and the ability to evangelize research to promote empathy.
  6. Proficient in using GitLab for planning and managing work and updating the company handbook.
  7. Share and align with the company’s values and work by them.
  8. Ability to follow the practices and guidelines established in Leadership at GitLab.
UX Research Manager

Hiring Process

Our hiring process for UX Research Manager consists of six stages, which include a take-home assignment. You can find more information about this process and our leveling structure for this position on our job families page in the Handbook.
Please note that the salary range for this position is based on the applicant’s location.
Our team will determine the grade level and salary ranges based on education, experience, skills, market data, and internal equity. For more details about our benefits and equity, please visit our website. Additionally, up to 100% of base salary incentive pay may be available for sales roles.

UX Research Manager

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