Top 20 Highest paying It jobs in Australia in 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Top 20 Highest paying It jobs in Australia in 2023 describes here, you must understand the latest trends in the IT industry. The following article will assist you get the correct information about the Top20 Highest Paying IT jobs in Australia.

Before evaluating the article on the top 20 highest-paying best IT jobs in Australia, let’s think about why IT jobs are becoming apparent and why you should get one.

Best It Jobs in Australia

If you are looking for the best IT jobs in Australia, you must also be looking for an attractive pay package. You should know that the pay package is based on your skills,experience,  and other tertiary  qualifications. So, if you want the highest paying IT job, you must understand the latest trends in the IT industry. The following article will assist you get the correct information about the It jobs in Australia.

Top 20 Highest Paying It Jobs in Australia in 2023

Here are the Top 20 Highest paying It Jobs in Australia in 2023, adding about their roles and how much you can earn.

These include

1:  UX/UI Designer

2: IT Security Specialist

3: Software Developer

4: Senior Business Analyst

5: Developer

6: Network Administrator

7: Security Analyst and Administration

 8: Database Administrator

9: Tester

10: Senior Data Analyst

11: Senior Web Developer

12: System Software Developer

13: Computer Network Professionals

14. IT Support professionals

15: Data Architects

16:  Senior Data Scientist

17: IT Sales Manager

18: IT Business Development Manager

19: Senior IT Project Manager

20: IT Sales Consultant

Consider a career change. 

Just mysterious to see how much Australia’s top earners make?

We have taken a glance at the Top20 Hghest paying It jobs in Australia.

The Australian workforce has changed magnificently over the past ten years due to technological and social changes and modifications. One such transformation is the growth in the enhancement of digital technologies, which have consistently led to an increase in demand for IT Experts, especially those whose potential in Cyber Security, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, by 2021-2022, There would be 135,000  new vacancies produced within IT, and this would be a 7% development ratio from the 2016 position.

In this article, we will describe the details of Top 20 Highest paying It jobs and high-demand IT jobs in Australia in 2023.

Here  we mentioned below, different position  jobs are available for those  with a versatile range of IT levels and

Skills set in it.

We have collected data from top-ranked job portals such as Glassdoor, Adzuna, Indeed and Workforce for the highest annual salary jobs.

1:UX/UI Designer 

In Australia,The annual salary for UX/UI Designer:$68,529 to $102,423.

UX/UI Designer jobs in Australia are in the Top 20 Highest paying It jobs in Australia in 2023.

Correlate in multi-disciplinary teams leading UX and UI design strategies from project survey to productivity, which offer forward ideas and solutions that enhance proactivity, productivity, and thole proficiency.

Relate with customers from all over business units, systems, and external shareholders to restructure business strategies, service journey proficiencies, and UI design.

Create fit for purpose documentation to meet all standards of leadership that detailed the UX and UI specifications and showcases the end-to-end service proficiency – across people, procedure, and technology.

Communicate, assist, and act through standard consideration at every step of service design iteration and systems development  to confirm  the deliverable line up to the defined intent and outcomes.

2:IT Security Specialist

Average salary range is$107,680 and $168_009,annually.

Demand for IT Security Specialists is extraordinary to continue developing. More companies are shifting their functions online and emphasising the technology of the future. People with an IT background who know what’s needed to save companies from data breaches will likely have a very easy time seeking jobs in Australia.

3:Software Developer

In Australia,The average annual salary of software developer salary starts at $105,200 while most proficient Developers make up to $140,000 annually.

As like data analysis, companies are seeking software developers with good proficiency in technical and analytical skills. An applicant who wants to create a successful future in the IT industry is required to have good problem-solving skills to know new strategies in which technology can be used in daily functions. 

4: Business Analyst

Salary: AUD 75,000 – $80,000

The Senior Business Analyst Job In Australia is in The Top 20 Highest It paying jobs in Australia in 2023.

Administer  IT functional experts, mentors, and instruction on SAP SuccessFactors and Kronos produce.

Collect and analyze the User’s Business requirements and objectives. Analyze documents already stated process growing robust roadmaps for productivity. 

Build and maintain trusted relationships all over different shareholders coordinating relatively with them in Understanding their requirements and challenges and offering solutions to address them.

 Application of an accredited Business Analyzing procedure to understand and develop business challenges.

Collect/document needs to formulate and provide effective solutions. 

Stick to software appliance standards and best policies. Diagnose and resolve defects allocated.


In Australia,The average salary for this job is around $127,000.

Mobile implementation Developer Design and develop mobile implementation for some of the most popular tablets and smartphones on the market

6:Network Administrator

In Australia, the salary for a Network administrator is around $95,500Aud.

A Network Administrator  job is in the Top20 Highest paying It jobs in Australia. 

Network administrators have to take part  in data centre architecture programming, design of new networking layouts

They have to take part in the reliability, legitimacy, performance, and security of our production and the growth of the framework.

Work closely with our development, cloudops, and customer success teams to appliance  private/public cloud environments

They are responsible for updating, managing and monitoring the network framework.

Contribute to the on-call rotation

Participate in a friendly and helpful organizational culture.

 7: Security Analyst and Administrator:

The average annual salary for this role is: around $101,100Aud

Security analysts are tasked with analyzing and managing security risk issues in a timely way. Like Computer Network administrators, Security Analysts must have magnificent communication skills as they will be needed to communicate with other co-workers. The main task for a security Analyst/Administrator is to focus on the Security of the network instead of administration.

8:Database Administrator:

In Australia, the Average annual salary for this job is around AUD 95,189.

Database Administrators must administer data volume all over

the different systems within an organization. They make sure the proper data is functioning well all the time. We can get this by administering, arranging, and analyzing database servers and making tweaks if needed to grow performance.

9: Testers

In Australia, the Average annual salary for this role is approximately AUD 80,000

Testing is one of the major steps involved in the Software improvement cycle. Testers use different strategies such as automation testing, manual testing and regression testing to check the implementations once it has been written by the web developer and software developers’ feedback on how well it works.

10:Data Analysts

The Annual Salary for Data Analyst: is around $97,409Aud 

Business Intelligence or Data Analysts jobs are in high demand and highest paying jobs in Australia because of the gigantic rise of digitalization of different industries which has an important role in data analysing. Data Analyst plays an important role within organisations by holding the enumerated techniques, machine learning algorithms and predictive 

Algorithm and machine learning to grow insights into business operations that assist decision-makers to make informed decisions. Data Analyst jobs in Australia demand working with the business shareholders to scrutinize data sets to find ways to resolve problems. The ability to recognize raw information and use it for perceptions and to make business decisions is the main purpose. Having an understanding of Data Strategy, including data maturity will be key into his

Key accountabilities of Data analysts are here. Ability to use robotic tools to draw out data from primary and secondary references.Apprehension of data maturity models and analysis practices. Capability to use statistical tools to identify, interpret patterns, analyze, and trends in complex data sets that could assist problem diagnosis and prediction.

11: Senior WebDeveloper

The average annual salary is around AUD 94,000.

$60,225-$112,646 .WebDeveloper is also known as a Full-Stack developer.

Must require multiple languages like

Server-side script and client-side scripts.

Junior Web Developer

The average annual salary is around AUD 94,000

Junior developers correlate with web developers in large projects.

Proficiency in analytical skills and programming.

12:System Software Developer

In Australia,The average annual salary for System Developer  is around AUD 105,200

Proficiency in different programming languages such as C++, and C that is used to grow System Software or operating systems

13:Computer Network Professionals are in Top 20 Highest Paying It Jobs in Australia in 2023

In Australis, the average annual salary for a Computer Network Professional is around$80,000 to $100,000.

The role adds analyzing,assessing, researching,optimizing, planning, testing, developing, and evaluating Candidates network and system architecture to increase business operational planning. you would furthermore be fully monitored for configuring  the system, upgrading and ensuring that the network system was approach 

for client’s.

14:IT Support Professional

In Australia,The average Annual Salary for this job is around Aud 60,000.

Knowing computers and the ability to diagnosing and debugging and solving issues are two major factors that are fundamental when appointing individuals who like to join

IT Support. Their task is to help customers with basic diagnosing procedures.

15:Data Architects

In Australia, the average annual salary for this job is around AUD 106,900.

Data architects formulate and grow systems that assure the good performance of software implementations by ensuring that related data is fed into the system.

Data architects are required to recognize what type of architecture will assist companies to meet their objectives while maintaining development techniques.

16:Senior Data Scientist

The median Salary of a Data Scientist is close to AUD 108,745 per year.

Data scientists are the most highly regarded Experts in Australia as the world is developing towards the modern generation technologies such as Robotics, AI, Swarm intelligence, Metaverse,  Cryptocurrency and Data scientists play a key role in the modification, inventiveness and improvement of Robotic and AI.

As a Data Scientist, a person has to draw out data and move this abstracted data into a proper format

and support the extracted outcomes.

A Data Scientist will need to orient developed algorithms and arrange information utilizing the machine, and data visualisation learning strategies. Applicants must have graduated with a background in It information systems, or a bachelor’s in Math and Software Engineering.

17: IT Sales Manager

In Australia, The average salary is around $96,400 per year.

Candidates who have the best understanding of business management and want to transform into the IT industry should think about 

registering for a post as a sales Manager.

18: IT Business Development Manager

In Australia,The average annual salary is approximately AUD 111,000.

The IT Business Development Manager role is similar to a Sales manager, except that they are also answerable for ensuring the approach of the company product and service to new customers.

The business development manager requires to configure the upgrade market prospect for the product

19:Senior IT Project Manager:

The average annual salary for this job is around AUD 121,000.

Many IT specialists desire to become project managers at some stage of their careers because of the higher level of responsibility that comes with this job, as well as because of the highest-paying job. This is the most popular job in any software company.

20: IT Sales Consultant

Top 20 Highest Paying It jobs in Australia in 2023

The average annual salary for this job is around AUD 65,000.this job is in the Top 20 Highest Paying It jobs in Australia in 2023.

Candidates who have good sales skills are highly regarded in the IT industry.

Candidates with experience in sales have benefitted when applying for this post because they acknowledged how companies work from a business point of view.

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The conclusion of our selection of the Top 20 Highest paying best IT jobs in Australia in 2023, each job is the highest paying and outstanding in the IT Sector. Always set an objective that agrees with your needs, Skills, and goals and pays you for the standard you bring with your work. This article describes the highest average salary and job roles of The Top 20 Highest Paying IT jobs in Australia in 2023.

Currently, the world is modifying from manual work to robots. Soon technology will take the place of manual labour and a person who acknowledges the latest technology will struggle. Now each individual should learn information technology, robot working, virtual reality, metaverse, jobs, etc. Already, there are a lot of opportunities for the best IT jobs. If you want to search for highly paid IT jobs, please visit

For more information of Highest paying IT jobs and Visa and Sponsorship jobs in 2023, all over the world please visit our website It jobs update. These all It jobs are attractive salary jobs and you can also select different jobs in different countries, such as

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