The Upskill in Cyber Programme

The Upskill in Cyber Programme

Employer      Upskill in Cyber – SANS and HM Government

Location        United Kingdom

Salary             NA

Closing date     27 Jun 2022

Sector              Education, Training

Job Role          Apprentice, Graduate, Junior

Job Type           Fixed Term Contract


About Upskill in Cyber

There is currently a significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals across the UK. The Up Skill in Cyber ​​program, which runs from July 4 to September 9, 2022, is specifically designed for newcomers to cybersecurity. We are looking for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. This fully funded program will equip you with the tools, knowledge and skills you need to start your career in cybersecurity instantly.

You will take two free SANS training courses, develop soft skills, and network opportunities with potential employers. Successful graduates will complete the program with two industry accredited certifications – GFACT and GSEC. 

Why Apply for Upskill in Cyber?

If you are interested in IT or IT security, or you are looking for something useful and challenging, then Upskill in Cyber ​​might be for you.

 Due to the significant shortage of skilled and trained practitioners, cybersecurity is currently a highly sought-after profession, offering stable career paths with critical work, high earning potential and flexible opportunities in many industries.

In Cyber, Upscale is funded entirely by the HM government and is provided free of charge to candidates. The program aims to encourage new talent in the field of cybersecurity, by providing the necessary experience and training to embark on a successful security career.

 * Please read the application criteria under the eligibility criteria section. 

What Upscale Provides in Cyber?

A fully-funded program will ensure that you have a strong grasp of the basics of technology and computing, skills that many practitioners today often lack. You will also be introduced to more up-to-date content, which will give you experience in finding vulnerabilities and interventions based on real life events. 

Successful Upskill graduates in cybersecurity will be eligible for a junior role in the security advisory team, incident response, or security operations centre analyst role, where the average starting salary for an entry level role is k 35k.

Your progress and development is monitored throughout the program. We provide this information to our partner employers, along with our recommendations on areas of role and strength. This report, combined with qualifying results and growing reviews, will be a great help in getting you into a new role.

 Examination and certification

As an upscale graduate in cyberspace, you will be accompanied by two certifications that demonstrate your practical skills and knowledge: GIAC Foundational Cyber ​​Security Technologies (GFACT) and GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC).

GFACT confirms that an individual has developed hands-on skills through labs in areas such as Linux, encryption, and programming, as well as networking, computer hardware, virtualization, Windows, servers, introductory security concepts, such as Gained the necessary information in the fields. And more. Candidates receiving GFACT specialise in basic knowledge of computer, technology, and basic security principles and practical skills required to start a career in cybersecurity.

The Upskill in Cyber Programme

GFACT holders are really looking forward to participating in IT or Cybersecurity Day 1 of their first job. Passing this test shows that students understand the important security issues facing defence technologies, security policy and businesses. Perhaps more critically, it shows that students have mastered the concepts and language of security, which helps to advance a lasting understanding of security in a team within the enterprise. This is the most popular SANS certification and is highly sought after by employers. 

Qualification criteria

Applicants should have: 

• 18 years of age or older  

UK citizens or residing in the UK for the past 3 years. 

Not currently, or previously employed in cybersecurity roles. 

Currently not pursuing or obtaining professional certification related to cybersecurity. Currently not pursuing or pursuing cybersecurity courses at undergraduate level or above

 * Able to participate online for a full 10 weeks from July 4 to September 9, 2022

Available for employment after successful graduation. 

Ready to engage with potential government and corporate employers who have been introduced to you through SANS.

 A reliable internet connection is recommended.

 What is the expected affiliation for Upskill in cyber?

 Upskill in Cyber ​​is a 10-week in-depth program that runs from July 4 to September 9, 2022.

This includes two high quality training courses and two related exams. You will be expected to provide 60+ hours of study time for each course, as well as attend soft skills development sessions and employer engagements, some of which will be on Saturday evenings. Upskill is an important time commitment in cyberspace, and you should be aware of the challenges and demands involved before applying.




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