Temporary Works Manager in Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Temporary Works coordinator

Temporary Works coordinator IT Jobs

Salary/Rate Market related Contract
Location Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Expires 24 Jun 2022
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Temporary Works Manager

Construction joint venture for the design of HS2 Phase 1 packages C2 and C3. It will be called a design joint venture.

Package C2 covers the North Portal from the Chiltern tunnels to the Brackley section. Package C3 is the South Attington Wood Green Tunnel South Portal section from Brackley.

The design joint venture members have agreed on an operating model with all the roles required to provide services to a construction joint venture. 

This role description meets current expectations from DJV co-members. If there are any identified conflicts in the description of this role, they should be brought to the attention of line management in both DJV and corporate.

Location: One of the five parts of the project (NCA, AA, CA, T2G, and G2S)

Reporting Matrix / Organisation Chart: Provide details: 

Role line manager 

• Direct and indirect reports Role reports to the construction services manager Is. Direct reports of this role are provided by the Temporary Works Manager, I&M Manager, and Section General Site Support Engineers.

  • Working Relationships and Communications Identify the key contacts that work for this role and the purpose of the communication, such as transmitting information, establishing or communicating with, persuading, negotiating, etc. Site Support 
  • EKFB Construction Directors will act as ASC for construction site support. ASC Site Support Team – ASC Site Support Team (approximately 30 people) to assist and direct their delivery and operations – as a Design Manager. ASC PMO-reporting on progress and issues

Purpose of work:

It should be a clear and concise statement that outlines the purpose of the work and its contribution. Consider: Temporary Works coordinator

• Why does the character exist?

•What does the character want to do? Interim Works Manager, Site Support, Construction Services HS2 is responsible for the payment of duties for construction assistance under the ASC scope of services with EKFB for MWCC Sections C2 and C3. Estimated time frame for the position is January 2021 to December 2026. Establish a service delivery team consisting of site-based representatives as well as office support.

Contains site support

o Respond to TQ’s / RFI’s / EWN’s

o Review of temporary work design for integration with permanent work design

o Review and accept permanent work content

o Review of fabricated details for integration with permanent work

o Prepare bullet records and details

o Participate in quarterly reports and participate in quarterly reviews with EKFB; Provide security leadership within the ASC organisation Supervise and support site support team to ensure that EKFB is procuring contracted services.

•Maintain consistency across all teams

•Coordinate resource needs with construction services manager construction activities Meet budget, time frame and quality targets, meet client expectations or exceed Promote and market all aspects of ACS services in an interface with clients and other sectors and disciplines, collaborate on achieving divisional business plans, and build networks within the industry.

Temporary Works Manager in Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Key Responsibilities:

Identify key areas of responsibility.

Most jobs will have between 12 and 18 responsibilities. These should be clear and concise statements. Consider for each statement: 1. What is done?

2. Why is this done?

3. What are the consequences of what they do? – That is, how it returns to the business. Temporary works manager, site support, construction services are responsible for:

Responding to contractor EKFB inquiries, e.g., TQ’s, RFI’s, etc.

Reviewing the design of temporary works.

Reviewing and approving construction materials.

Fictitious details.

Review of shop drawings.

Reporting of results, preparation of reports.

Preparation of drawings as a blueprint.

Health and Safety Objectives

To ensure that all ASC site-based staff and site visitors are trained and involved before working or visiting EKFB sites. Knowledge and experience:

Explain the knowledge

skills and experience required to perform at the required level




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