Technical Support Supervisor jobs, Employment

Technical Support Supervisor

technical Support Supervisor jobs in United States, 2022 Employment.

Job Overview

LocationFlower Mound, Texas
Job typeFull Time
Date posted25-11-22
Job 12624

Job Description of Technical Support Supervisor jobs

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Responsibilities of Technical Support Supervisor

Here is a brief description bout the responsibilities of Technical Support Supervisor

  • Offers immediate guidance to a unit or group of employees, assigning duties and checking work at frequent gaps. Administers skilled and semi-skilled employees.
  • Manages personnel problems including but not limited to time card approval, vacation approval, daily and weekly overtime, hiring, and training.
  • Generates assignments in the form of objectives with goals and the procedures by which to complete goals.
  • Offers direction to employees according to established policies and senior management advice.
  • Directly administered customer and sales expectations.
  • Appoints, interviews, and selects personnel to ensure efficient operation of the field service operations with a specific region.
  • Monitors team’s efficiency gains through process development projects as assigned by management.
  • Trains and grows new hire technical support personnel met.

Physical requirements

  • Must be able to review printed materials.
  • Must have significant fine motor skills.
  • Must be able to use sophisticated test and office computer tools(e.g. calculator, PC, telephone, Broadcast test, measurement tools, etc.)

Mental requirements

  • Excellent reading and writing skills.
  • Must be able to grow based on environmental/framework requirements.
  • Must be able to complete detailed documentation correctly.
  • Must be able to identify problems outside the scope of the project and refer to perfect individuals.
  • Most significant critical thinking skills to solve customer and sales-related problems.

Skills/Experience Required of Technical Support Supervisor

Technical Support Supervisor
  • 1-2 years of installation or technical support proficiency with Stryker Communications or 3-4 years of industry proficiency with centralization on technical support and customer service.
  • Significance mastery of basic level Supervisor tasks.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Good judgment with the potential to make timely and perfect decisions.
  • Leadership/supervisory skills.
  • Potential to prioritize projects.
  • Computer literate.
  • Excellent maths and technical writing skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Utilizes the following tools: computer, telephone, calculator, measurement, and testing tools.
  • Proven ability to appoint and retain talent.
  • Previous supervisory proficiency is desirable.
  • Education/training needed
  • Bachelor’s Degree required

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