Team Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer Job Remote based at Skedda, Hiring Now.

Software Engineer

Location: Europe Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote software engineer job, we will describe Skedda.
PersonalitySkedda is a software-as-a-service platform that facilitates bookings in venues and workplaces for various spaces, such as rooms, desks, and courts.
Its cloud-based system allows businesses to manage their bookings efficiently while offering their customers the convenience of self-service booking.
Skedda has established itself as a world-class product, serving customers in over 2500 cities. With a decade of experience in the industry, Skedda is a stable, profitable, and rapidly growing company that prides itself on its dedicated customer base.
We are Promised to provide our users with an exceptional experience and stay ahead of the competition by continuously innovating and improving our product.

We also expect the same from Our Software Engineer.


Software Engineer at Skedda has to fulfill the following responsibilities.
Join us in our thrilling endeavor of establishing a new engineering team by taking the helm as an accomplished team leader, leading the way toward a victorious outcome.

  1. Lead software design and development from product requirements to user stories
  2. Provide technical expertise and guidance in software implementation
  3. Facilitate communication and collaboration among stakeholders and team members
  4. Review code for quality, maintainability, and adherence to best practices
  5. Ensure software changes meet high standards for quality and are free of bugs
  6. Drive continuous improvement of processes and standards in collaboration with the engineering manager and team
  7. Take ownership of technical aspects of projects from ideation to launch
  8. Solve complex technical challenges and implement innovative solutions
  9. Research, propose, test, and implement new technologies and techniques
  10. Collaborate with team members to establish design techniques and coding standards
  11. Communicate effectively with stakeholders and engineering leaders to ensure clear goals and reporting of project status.
Software Engineer


As a Software Engineer, you have to meet the following personality requirements.

  1. Take ownership of responsibilities and fulfill commitments with integrity
  2. Enjoy creating software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  3. Embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth
  4. Thrive in small team environments and appreciate close collaboration
  5. Have a curious mindset and willingness to ask questions for a better understanding
  6. Exhibit a keen eye for detail in all tasks and deliverables
  7. Demonstrate a self-driven work ethic and take the initiative to achieve goals
  8. Trust and follow your intuition while also being open to syncing with others
  9. Pursue excellence in all aspects of work and continuously strive for improvement.

Skills & Experience

At Skedda, we hire a Software Engineer with the listed skills and experience.

  1. Possess over 2 years of experience in engineering team leadership
  2. Have 10+ years of experience in full-stack development
  3. Possess 5+ years of experience in developing SaaS products using C# and . NET/Core
  4. Have 5+ years of experience in front-end JavaScript frameworks
  5. Strong expertise in developing Web APIs
  6. Possess strong SQL skills, with a preference for SQL Server
  7. Proficient in TDD and test automation skills, including unit and integration testing
  8. Hands-on experience in Azure Cloud technology
  9. DevOps experience would be advantageous.
Software Engineer


After Joining our as Software Engineer our Company, you will enjoy the following perks.

  1. Competitive salary package offered
  2. Fully-remote team with a flexible work schedule
  3. Experience a creative and collaborative work environment
  4. Directly collaborate with our Chief Architect and Co-Founder, who Currently based in Europe
  5. The comprehensive and organized engineering onboarding process for rapid learning
  6. Option to choose your preferred hardware – PC or Mac
  7. Utilize the latest platforms, frameworks, tooling, and standards for development
  8. Operate within a zero technical debt environment with an emphasis on maintenance
  9. Eliminate the need to support IE or Safari < 13
  10. Work closely with a small team to significantly impact the product and customer experience.
Software Engineer

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