Backend engineer

We are looking for Staff Engineer for our company. Our mission is to make the task at Maze incredible across our entire technology stack; for this purpose, we need a dedicated, enthusiastic, and determined person.

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staff engineer


  • As a staff engineer, you will create new developer tools and bring improvements, e.g., webpack configs, turborepo, swc, and others
  • Capable to resolve performance issues with tooling, linters, and other related parts of the development toolchain
  • Execute and use metrics to dig out areas of improvement
  • Maintain and write technical documentation that is easy to understand
  • Always ready to Listen, talk and learn from other engineers.
  • You have to maximize our CI, build and release workflows.
  • Bring improvements in the observability and diagnostics of Maze’s core services.
  • Ready to welcome comments from your peers

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  • You must be comfortable with modern full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Capable of handling engineering challenges
  • Ready to bring improvements in developer tooling
  • Determined about well-tested code
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of UX & UI design and the user research field

Our stack

  • We use AWS for infrastructure, managed via Terraform. Our services run on Kubernetes and Lambda.
  • We rely on Neo4j, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake for our data layer
  • We test and deploy using CircleCI and Argo CD and monitor our application with Datadog and Sentry

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  • Enjoy health insurance with international coverage
  • Dental insurance will be offered to you
  • Opportunities to get life and Disability Insurance
  • Chances to get company retreats, fully paid for by Maze
  • New MacBook (laptop), paid for by Maze, will be given to you
  • We offer Paid Family leave that includes 16 weeks for the birth or adoptive parents
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule
  • We organize virtual social engagements randomly throughout the year and gaming sessions every other Thursday

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