Specialist- Digital Engineering

Specialist- Digital Engineering

Specialist- Digital Engineering grows business context as well as technical capabilities and  will also have the ability to develop your  skills.

Job Overview

Location: Millers Point, New South Wales

Job Type: Full Time

Date Posted

5 days ago

Additional Details

Job ID: 12358

Applications close on 25th November 

Job Description

As an International insurance group in Australia and New Zealand, we own some of the most trusted brands, including State, AMI, Swann, NZI, Lantern, and NAC. 

The Role of Specialist- Digital Engineering

You will have a drive to monitor and grow other members of the team, by helping them

build business context as well as technical capabilities. You will also have the chance to improve your potential and skills so that they can be utilized more extensively within AIG and Technology.

Key Responsibilities of Specialist- Digital Engineering

  • Support delivery teams to actively create, build, test and deploy software, enabling Continuous upgradation practices and leading the way with automation of deployment pipelines.
  • Enable teams to activate end-to-end digital proficiencies for Users, colleagues, and partners, that are more secure, robust, and scalable than ever before, and deliver them with lightning speed.
  • Contribute to both Technology and IAG performance with insights, cooperative input, and proficiency that promotes value creation, innovation, managed risk, and developed performance.
  • Significant the IAG purpose and offer leadership to staff and partners that enable, grow, and demand IAG behaviors at all times.
  • Analysis of test results to confirm test validity, report on any performance issues or defects, and identify and offer recommendations on the next steps.
  • Contribute to the advancement of application and infrastructure security, patterns, and designs including management of secrets and certificates.
  • Shareholders both internally and externally.
  • Analyze the leadership team to groom the backlog of problems and initiatives.

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Skills & Experience

  • Strong understanding and proficiency in React, TypeScript, Redux and React router, Chroma.
  • Strong understanding and proficiency in GraphQL, Express, and Node of CSS modules and Tailwind.
  • Understanding of bundlers like web pack.
  • Knowledge of AWS CDK and serverless architecture.
  • Understanding of NestJS for building microservice.
  • Solid understanding of CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions.
  • Knowledge of Micro front-end architecture.
  • Package Management – NPM / NPX


Higher qualifications in technical-related degrees or business equivalent

Relevant industry proficiency and/or qualifications

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