software engineer in Germany


Full time, Data Engineering, Big Data Statistics, Software Engineering


We are looking for Software Engineer in Germany. Are you interested in latest IT jobs in Germany then come and join us. If you are enthusiastic and passionate this is the great opportunity to start your career. Our team designs a complete variety of transportation systems which includes high-speed trains to electric buses with infrastructure, signaling. We provide opportunities to our employees to grow professionally.  

software engineer in Germany


  • As a software engineer in Germany, you have to explain the needs and requirements in a structured manner to make sure the delivery on proper time.
  • Ability to use the defined platform to form an executable architecture that has the required security integrity
  • It will be your responsibility to analyze and execute the needs into detailed design solutions
  • You have to collect the software and hardware elements to develop a complete subsystem. The final generic software system, will be provided by you to make sure and the ensures timely completion of the project.
  • Capable to maintain the integrity of work products by using identification of configuration and status documentation

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  • Successfully completed degree in electrical engineering, automation technology and IT
  • Superb knowledge of concepts and processes
  • Must have great confidence with good communication skills
  • You must have independent and goal-oriented way of working,
  • Passionate to work closely with team
  • Need fluency in English and Germany

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