Software Engineer (Bristol) Job In  London

Software Engineer (Bristol) Job In London

The software engineer analyzes the requirements, designs, instruments and unit tests software codes and auxiliaries using appropriate tools and follows the disciplines and practices of BAE systems Software Engineer (Bristol).

  • Employer      BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
  • Location             London
  • Salary               Competitive
  • Closing date      3 Aug 2022
  • Sector                Defence , Engineering, IT
  • Job Role            Security Engineer
  • Job Type           Permanent


Role accountability 

Software Engineer:

  • Prepares or confirms the schedule and effort estimates for each task they perform. Demonstrates understanding of the importance of schedule and will try to make accurate estimates and deliver according to these estimates.
  • Demonstrates expertise and expertise in team collaboration, technical discussion and negotiation.
  • Continue to increase personal understanding of languages, frameworks, technical concepts, methods and measurements that strengthen the engineering fields and methods of BAE systems. Demonstrates the ability to understand, challenge, share or build the details of the software and build the software according to specifications.
  • Utilises appropriate software development methods, languages, libraries and techniques and applies them to software engineering tasks in order to realise the most effective results. Ensures that all work conforms to set standards where standards exist and in any case competing with professional inspection ensures that high quality and delivery standards are met and consistently Provide quality code on time and within estimates. Demonstrates ability to consider and improve personal performance.
  • Serves as a member of the development team, collaborates with other team members, and participates in technical discussions and interactions with customers.
  • Using agreed standards and tools, reviews the design, code, tests, accuracy, and documentation provided in the modified complex programs and program modifications from the provided specifications, along with others as appropriate.
  • Overcoming developmental barriers to timely delivery of quality code.
  • The complete unit of code represents the highest quality standards in testing delivery. Collaborates and negotiates with team members to create seamless integration of code into the solution. 

Technical skills

 Strong knowledge of JavaScript or Typescript Basic networks (reverse proxy configuration, addressing) Strong understanding of Docker (especially walking in a crowded way) Basic knowledge of Go Intermediate knowledge of Python (raping services of other teams) And to participate in code reviews) Intermediate understanding of Ansible Basic understanding of certificate authorities Intermediate understanding of continuous integration and, for the future, continuous delivery. Strong Bosch Scripting Active Directory and understanding of role modelling (this will happen in a matter of hours, but as long as there is an understanding of how to map it) 

Software Engineer (Bristol) Job In  London
Software Engineer (Bristol) Job In London

About national security

This role is part of our core business of national security, where we develop operational solutions and provide mission-critical services to law enforcement agencies and government departments. Our dedicated engineers and business consultants form multi-disciplinary teams, working together to provide a variety of solutions to prevent, protect and pursue criminals involved in serious and organised crime, enhancing operational capabilities. And provide digital transformation programs. Our work is a mix of remote working with some trips to various LEA sites around the UK Software Engineer (Bristol).

We need to join our teams to help solve some of the most difficult challenges. We need to find active solutions to find people who have the attitude, so if this role does not fit at all. Even so, we’d love to hear from you! Applicants for this role must be eligible to obtain security clearance from the UK Government. 

Life in BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

We are adopting hybrid working. This means that you and your colleagues may be working in different places, such as from home, at another BAE Systems office or client site, some or all of the time, and at different times of the day. May be. By adopting technology, we can communicate, collaborate and create together, even when we are working away from each other. Hybrid working allows us to be more flexible in when and where we work, helps us to balance our work and personal life more effectively, and enhances well-being.

 Diversity and inclusion are essential to the success of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. We are proud to have an organisational culture where employees from different angles, skills, life experiences and backgrounds – the best and brightest minds – can work together to achieve the best and individual and organisational ability Software Engineer (Bristol).

 About BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

We use our intelligence-led insights to protect governments, nations and societies from cyber attacks and financial crimes. Our customers rely on our emerging capabilities to help their organisations grow securely. Our unparalleled access to threat intelligence, world-leading analysts and market-leading technology means we can help criminals adapt, prepare and stay ahead of them. 

Division Review: Govt

At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we are proud to be a leader in the cyber defence industry, and government contracts are a field in which we have decades of experience. National security, defence and central government. Government and key infrastructure networks are important targets for defence because the effects of violating these networks can be devastating. 

As a member of the Government Business Unit, you will defend the connected world and ensure the safety of nations. We all have a role to play in defending our clients, and that’s yours.



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