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Othoz GmbH, Berlin

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If you want to brighten up your future and searching for best, IT jobs in Germany then here you are at the right place. We are hiring Software Engineer for our company.  We engage ML models that forecast future returns of stocks. As a software engineer you have to help us in building the infrastructure for arrangement of ML-centred tasks. These tasks assembled in workflows to be automatically implemented according to a prescribed schedule.

The tasks include ML model training on the basis of historical data, making predictions and testing how well the freshly-trained model would have performed in the past and lastly sending the model to production. We provide AI-based investment solutions to our clients. Building on the strong practices of quantitative asset management we value the potential of machine learning for manageable investments on capital market.

software engineer


  • Successfully completed degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics, finance.
  • Experience required in software development in the cloud and in engineering of distributed systems.
  • Must have Software development skills in Python both “at large” (working with distributed teams, best practices around CI/CD workflows) and “at small” (focus on writing maintainable and reusable code).
  • Expertise in creating RESTful web services.
  • Experience required in monitoring and alerting for data- or ML-centric distributed systems.
  • Dedication for communication of both requirements and deliverables of your work properly


  • We are one of the early pioneers on the field of AI-based investment, which is backed up by a polymath amalgam of finance
  • Our company environment is based on the cooperation which is characterized by a high level of quality awareness and attention to implement in all areas of our work.
  • Comfortable and flexible working hours with 28 days paid leave
  • We offer competitive salary
  • We have internal workshops, unique learning opportunities.

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