A Full-time Site Reliability/Platform Engineer At DNSimple

Site Reliability/Platform Engineer
Site Reliability/Platform Engineer

Location: Worldwide
Job: Full-Time


Before describing the  Site Reliability/Platform Engineer as a Full-Time Remote Job, we will tell who we are.

We seek a fully remote operations engineer to join our Security, Infrastructure, & Performance (SIP) team. As a member of this team, you will collaborate on enhancing the network, systems, and platform that support DNSimple’s proprietary applications and oversee our third-party software.

About the SIP team

As a Site Reliability/Platform Engineer, you must know about our SIP team.

DNSimple operates in a hybrid environment where our infrastructure is primarily based on globally deployed bare metal, supported by AWS. Our infrastructure includes the following:

  1. A self-managed anycast authoritative DNS network.
  2. An additional anycast DNS edge network.
  3. A farm for URL redirector.
  4. Various other in-house applications.

We utilize infrastructure as code practices to manage all systems and applications.

About the job

Before joining as a Site Reliability/Platform Engineer, you know this job.
Your role as an Operations Engineer in the Security, Infrastructure, and Performance team is crucial to the success of our business, as you will be responsible for the operation and improvement of the services we offer to our customers. By managing deploys and runtimes, you will also be contributing to other engineering teams, and by conducting observability and business intelligence work, you will support the business team.

Additionally, you will play a vital role in ensuring our disaster recovery procedures are up to date to guarantee business continuity. This position comes with a variety of tasks that offer unique challenges.

Site Reliability/Platform Engineer
Site Reliability/Platform Engineer

These tasks include managing BGP for multiple global anycast networks, ensuring stable and high-performing DNS services, and overseeing monitoring and observability systems.
Our team works extensively with Chef-Infra, InSpec, Docker, and PowerDNS, and we manage to deploy a range of programming languages within DNSimple.
We prioritize customer support by dedicating time and resources to it, as we strongly believe in fostering a shared responsibility for helping our customers.
We also recognize the importance of regularly addressing customer support topics to enhance our service.
Here are some projects you might contribute to:

  1. Expand our edge network for faster and more robust DNS service.
  2. Enhance and expand our CI/CD and packaging systems.
  3. Build and maintain a new application deployment and lifecycle platform.
  4. Design and deploy improvements to our DNS service.
  5. Build a new query volume observability system.
  6. Enhance and expand our BI system queries.
  7. Troubleshoot and optimize performance issues.
  8. Respond to and proactively address security issues and patches.
  9. Provide direct customer support.


For a Site Reliability/Platform Engineer, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Direct experience as an operations engineer with solid knowledge in Chef-Infra and Ubuntu
  2. Proficient in various languages such as SQL, Ruby, and Golang
  3. Experience with CI/CD systems and containerization
  4. Knowledge of Postgresql, DNS systems, and BGP networking is a plus
  5. Capable of working independently in your timezone and collaborating with teammates during an overlap
  6. Proficient in the English language for success in a remote and primarily asynchronous work environment


We provide our Site Reliability/Platform Engineer with the listed benefits. The compensation for the position varies based on your experience, ranging from 7000 USD/month to 8000 USD/month.
DNSimple is a fully remote company, which means you can create your schedule and work from anywhere in the world. We are a diverse and inclusive multinational team that values and respects each member.
We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
Your input and feedback are highly valued and expected as a team member. Despite being a small team, every individual’s perspective is essential and considered.

Site Reliability/Platform Engineer
Site Reliability/Platform Engineer

How to apply

If based on your application, we believe you could be a great fit, the rest of the hiring process will follow these steps:

  1. Initial 30-minute video call to assess technical and cultural fit.
  2. Completion of coding test, followed by an interview with an Engineering team member.
  3. Interview with the VP of Engineering.
  4. Final interview with the CEO.

We value transparency and timely communication throughout our recruitment process. To ensure a fair and structured approach, we kindly request that all applicants submit their applications through our online application form. If you read all the instructions for the “Site Reliability/Platform Engineer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below.

 We also ask that recruiters and agencies refrain from contacting DNSimple directly regarding this position. Thank you for being so understanding and visit our site directly to find your area related job easily.


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