Site Engineer [Civil] in Australia

IT Support Technician

Site Engineer in It jobs in Australia works closely with the Projects Engineering and monitoring team to ensure on-time delivery of program requirements from a cost and time objective. 


Job info

  • Location: St Kilda, VIC
  • Salary not specified
  • Job type: Full-time position, Permanent position
  • ūüēõ Closes 16 Oct 2022, 12:00 AM

Job description of Site Engineer

Necessary Responsibilities of Site Engineer Reporting to the Director, your responsibilities added (but are not limited to): 

  • Study And Understanding The Features Of The Project, specifications, and plans.
  • ¬†Explaining The Construction steps and organising per project¬†
  • Characteristics Whilst controlling costs and performance.¬†
  • Inspecting safety methodology and making sure quality standards in the completed product.¬†
  • Work relatively with the Projects Engineering and monitoring team to ensure on-time delivery of program needs from a cost and time objective.¬†
  • Monitor survey reports, drawings, maps, and topographical and geologic data presented by known shareholders and review Project¬†
  • Administered Plans to confirm compliance with relevant guidelines designs.¬†
  • Be on-site to inspect progress and ensure conformance to design features and safety standards.¬†
  • Estimate cost and quantities of materials, instruments, and labour to determine project progress monthly.¬†
  • Growing And Utilising A Labor Performance Regime.¬†
  • Administration of important contract delivery activities related to construction works.¬†
  • ¬¶Engagement and negotiation with key shareholders to get successful results(residents, consultants, directors, etc).
  • ¬†Managing the Project Risk Register and actively reducing risks in advisory with consultant engineers.
  • ¬†The Construction Administrator and the Director as the project progresses.¬†
  • Formulation of contract features and engineers’ cost estimates.

Skills and Experience of Site Engineer

Site Engineer needs

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