Signaling Engineer

Technical Support Specialist

The Signaling Engineer will assist  the Senior Engineer in this It jobs in Australia, to administer the structure, testing, installation, and commissioning of the Signalling Systems for the SM C&SW project adding the essential coordination with the interfacing.

MTR Corporation (Sydney) SMCSW Pty Limited

Job info

Location: North Sydney, NSW


Job type: Full-time position, Permanent position

🕛 Closes 08 Oct 2022, 12:00 AM

Job description of Signaling Engineer

The Signaling Engineer will  analyze the Senior Engineer to administer the structure, testing, installation, and commissioning of the Signalling Systems for the SM C&SW project adding the essential correlation with the interfacing disciplines/systems to make sure that the works are regarding the Project Definition Documents (e.g.  Particular Specification and SPR).

 Responsibilities of the Signaling Engineer

  • Inspect the review of the Contractor’s testing, design, installation, and commissioning submissions and safety cases and monitor resolving critical problems when needed. 
  • Support in the review of the interfacing parties’ structure submission and analyze in resolving critical interface structure problems when needed. 
  • Participate in the correlation with other disciplines and related government statutory bodies for the structure and design standard establishment for Signalling, adding the SMA, etc. to make sure all legal needs from other parties are properly incorporated. 
  •  Inspect the Senior Engineer to formulate design reports to be submitted to  Independent Certifier/SMA 
  • Monitor the Senior Engineer to make ready papers on design issues, Support and evaluate options to deliver instructions to senior management for consideration and endorsement.  
  • Offer engineering administration  as well as design audit/review to build management teams (either Contractor or MTR ) on all design problems relevant to the Signalling system. 
  • Witness tests brought out by contractors.
  • Assist Senior Engineer to review test reports submitted by contractors and formulate reports to be submitted to SMA / Independent Certifier.
  •  Support integrated tests carried out by the MTR system integration testing team 
  •  Assist the Signalling Manager/ Senior Signalling Engineer identify and manage project risks. 
  •  Analyse the Signalling Manager / Senior Signalling Engineer to review modification applications. 
  • Analyse Signalling Manager / Senior Signalling Engineer with contract management.

Qualifications & Training

  •  A popular engineering degree in electronics, electrical, computer, communication, Mechatronics, or software engineering; 
  •  A diploma in signaling (authorized by the Institution of Railway Signal. Engineers);
  •  A popular engineering degree in mechanical (to be assigned to installation-related structure and testing duties.); or 
  • Associate Member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers


  •  6 years previous proficiency  in design, installation, or testing roles of a railway signaling project and 2 years in team leading and administerial roles;


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