Service Desk Manager

Service Desk Manager
Employer:Department for Education
Posted on:4th February
Location:Coventry CV1 2WT, Darlington DL1 5QE, Manchester M1 2WD, Nottingham NG1 6HJ ,Sheffield S1 2FJ
Salary Range:£36,498 – £40,297
Start Date:


MUST-SEE: Platforms Chief Development Officer – Systems Engineering

New year has emerged with new opportunities at Department of Education, As we move forward we are in process of hiring Service Desk Manager.

Our multi dimensional and evolving culture is a mirror image of the society we live in. This plays a vital role in achieving better outcomes for our users.

We have divided our work in multiple disciplinary teams using smart innovative methods that

  • Improve education standards and enable our children for a remarkable start in life.
  • Offering support differently able children and young people.
  • Drive economic growth.

We are looking for Service Desk Manager to join our team

MUST-SEE: Platforms Chief Development Officer – Systems Engineering

For complete information and to apply for the job, please click on the link bellow


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