Senior Technical Program Manager In United States

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As a Senior Technical Program Manager in United States. you’ll manage cross-functional projects and technical products using your program abilities, product knowledge, and technical experience. To ship products, you’ll work closely with the engineering, product management, data science, and design teams. You’ll improve product processes, create product roadmaps, identify risks, and manage sprints.

Ensure that stakeholders and executives are kept informed. With a brilliant team of product management, design, engineering, sales, and data science executives . Who has previously managed teams and developed products at Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, Lyft, and other companies? You will be able to have a significant effect on the world. This is our main mission for you to improve your skills as a senior technical program manager in the United States.

Not only in the United States but there are also senior technical job opportunities in the United Kingdom we have discussed before

Senior Technical Program Manager In United States
Senior Technical Program Manager In United States

Responsibilities of Senior Technical Program Manager:

  • Recognize and resolve cross-functional and inter-team issues.
  • Encourage and facilitate good cooperation across engineering, product management, data science, design, and other departments.
  • Manage a number of interconnected projects with varying degrees of complexity and scale.
  • Create a product strategy, set milestones, identify dependencies, troubleshoot execution risks, and deliver on schedule.
  • To drive project delivery and technology assessments, question recommendations, and achieve agreement, use technical judgment.
  • Control all internal and external communication for your product or venture (as applicable). 



  • 3+ years of experience in technical program management, product management, or engineering management.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interact with technical and non-technical global, cross-functional groups.


  • Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or another technical related field helping with IT-related work.
  • Experience with sprint planning and project management tools like JIRA, Asana, and Trello.
  • PMP certification.



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