Senior Software Engineer Job Remote based at 0x, Hiring Now.

Senior Software Engineer

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Senior Software Engineer job, we will describe 0x.
At 0x Labs, we have a clear and ambitious mission: to create a tokenized world where value can flow without barriers. Our team includes talented candidates from top companies such as Google, Meta, and Citi, with a shared passion for decentralized technology and its potential to create a more equitable world.
As a remote-first and fully distributed company, we have team members located across the globe, all working together to make our vision a reality.
As pioneers in the space, we have contributed significantly to the development of various Ethereum standards, including the NFT token standard (ERC721). Our flagship product is the 0x protocol, an open-source, global backbone for decentralized exchange.
We also offer other products and services such as Matcha, a search engine for tokens, and 0x API, an endpoint for multi-chain aggregated liquidity.
By providing these offerings, we are making it easier for businesses to access decentralized markets and focus on their core product.
0x supports 8 major blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain, and our ecosystem is expanding rapidly with integrations across all major wallets and apps.
We believe in creating a vast and inclusive work environment and welcome applicants from all backgrounds and locations.
Whether you work from our San Francisco headquarters or your own home, you’ll be part of a talented and dedicated team working towards a common goal.


As a Senior Software Engineer at 0x, you’ll play a critical role in ensuring that our suite of products remains high-performing and reliable.In this position, you’ll leverage automation to execute various engineering tasks while focusing on providing an exceptional internal developer experience.

Your approach will be data-driven, and you’ll be responsible for profiling and benchmarking existing systems to identify opportunities for optimization.
With a focus on productivity and reliability, you’ll implement solutions that will create tangible benefits for the entire engineering team.
Your contribution to the success of 0x will be significant, and you’ll be given a considerable amount of ownership to drive meaningful changes to our infrastructure.
As a company that builds on a rapidly evolving, modern stack, we are open to innovative ideas and forward-thinking suggestions that align with our mission.

Senior Software Engineer


As a Senior Software Engineer you have following responsibilities:

  1. Ensure high availability and dependability for all of 0x’s products and services
  2. Take charge of our monitoring toolset using Prometheus and Grafana
  3. Automate critical engineering tasks and procedures to streamline workflows
  4. Upgrade and maintain our Kubernetes infrastructure with zero downtime
  5. Develop a powerful real-time data streaming platform to enhance data science, product development, and internal developer operations
  6. Enhance internal build systems, and manage and optimize CI/CD processes.


For a Senior Software Engineer we need the following things:

  1. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification
  2. Possess at least 5 years of professional engineering experience with a strong technical background
  3. Expert in one or more programming languages such as Html, Go, Python or Rust
  4. Familiar with containerization and managing Kubernetes clusters
  5. Experienced in maintaining and scaling cloud infrastructure with preference for AWS experience
  6. Knowledgeable in Infrastructure as Code, with preference for Terraform
  7. Have a solid understanding of networking and Linux internals
  8. Passionate about decentralization and align with the 0x mission
  9. Exhibit the core values of the company, which are doing the right thing, consistently shipping, and creating enduring value as a Senior Software Engineer.
Senior Software Engineer


We Preferred Senior Software Engineer if he/she have:

  1. Proficiency in Apacha Kafka or other event streaming platforms
  2. Advanced understanding and experience with modern DevOps practices, such as GitOps and CI/CD pipelines
  3. Familiarity with interacting with Ethereum nodes
  4. Knowledge of peer-to-peer networking technologies at an experienced level.
Senior Software Engineer

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This position Senior Software Engineer offers a competitive compensation package that includes a base salary range of $95,000 to $230,000, equity, ZRX tokens, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Final compensation will be determined based on various factors such as skills, experience, location, and candidate preferences for different elements of the compensation package.

  1. Comprehensive insurance plan covering medical, dental, vision, life, and disability, with 100% coverage for employees and their dependents
  2. 401k, HSA, and FSA benefits available for U.S. based employees
  3. Monthly stipends for wellness, wifi, and pre-tax transportation expenses
  4. Covered mental health benefits, including professional therapy sessions
  5. Flexible hours and a supportive remote work environment for Senior Software Engineer
  6. Generous work-from-home policy
  7. Lunch reimbursement for all employees worldwide
  8. Stipend provided for remote work set-up including laptops, headphones, and other work gear
  9. 12-week paid parental leave
  10. Conveniently located office in Soma/East Cut, San Francisco
  11. Unlimited vacation policy with the freedom to take time off when needed
  12. Multiple annual team meet-ups held in-person at various locations around the world

How to Apply

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