how to get a job in Germany without speaking German

At Salisfy, we are on a mission to chase down the best people for our team, and there is an opening for a post, Senior Software Engineer in USA.
At Salsify, we innovate daily, but your responsibility as Senior Software Engineer includes:

  • Be a part of sprint planning to analyze, negotiate, and evaluate tasks of the SAAS platform.
  • Provide and design creative solutions to our team, as they are in the process of account debt creation, planning and timing, and development cost.

  • Apply innovative techniques based on creative solutions that must be scalable and reliable using state-of-the-art technologies.

Python and Golang for backend
Java Script for React JS and Redux for frontend
Mysql, Couchbase, and Elastic on data storage

  • Being able to predict and provide technical and architectural changes to make sure to apply upcoming features.
  • Take a leading role in the hiring of your future mates
Senior Software Engineer in USA


Agencies are not allowed.
Telecommuting is ok.


  • Extensive Knowledge and deep passion for software development.
  • Must be efficient and proficient in getting things done and achieving desired results
  • Must have experience in designing systems that include best architectural practices
  • +4years of XP working in a well-reputed engineering firm
  • Knowing either Python or Galong is a significant plus.
  • Must be fluent in French and English.

About the company

SAAS assists brand manufacturers, merchandisers, and vendors in over 80 countries and collaborates to win on the digital shelf. The company’s Commerce Experience Management platform keep product record, accelerates time to market for the product, facilitates collaboration between different teams and organizations around the globe, and provide deep statistics that are required to optimize product pages across various social media platforms. The result is a client-focused, effortless, and memorable commerce experience.
Excellent customer experience helps brands to increase their trust; skyrocket conversions, thus helping to improve profit margins.

 Desired Skills

Java Scripts
React JS



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