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We are looking for a clints who wants a senior Rails Developer job in USA. The mission of our software platform is to bridge the gap between medical coders who desire flexible work in hospitals and environments. And they are struggling to decrease an unpredictable backlog of charts.

Our KODE on-demand product will allow certified medical coders to code from the convenience of their homes, counting the hours that they want, and getting paid as soon as possible. Our platform strives to reward medical coders by offering flexibility in both how they work and are relaxe from duty.

We have started and have over a thousand users that have signed up to begin charting through this company.

Working as a team what it means to build a product in sustainable and smart ways. Teamwork is a good option and there are many best IT jobs in USA related to the team waiting for you.

We understand both the art and science of the problems and we are trying to solve them as we build out our Kode on-demand software product.  a team of in-house coders is coding medical charts the traditional way.

What’s the job?

In our company when you are selected, you will not need to sit in long meetings or waste time with corporate bureaucracy. This is a small team, trusting each other, working efficiently, building amazing products, and having a great time along the way.

This is not only a collaborative but an asynchronous and remote position. We’ll be working together on Slack and  GitHub and some virtual discussions in Zoom.

Who are here for a senior Rails Developer job in USA?

We’re looking for a senior Rails developer who’s senior yearly. You’re able to provide actionable feedback to others,  build complete features independently, and welcome critiques to your own code.

  • You’re comfortable and open-minded with a positive attitude. You assume the best intentions in our company.
  •  You are very fluent in English although it is not your first language, you would be comfortable discussing a new feature with the team or writing documentation.
  • You’re a good communicator. You enjoy drawing out or writing your thought process.
  • You feel comfortable working both independently and collaboratively.
  • You enjoy understanding the spirit of a problem. By offering suggestions and understanding tradeoffs you can approach solving it in a non-prescriptive way. 

We are integrating with external providers that often will require digging and research and you are comfortable with external integrations.

If you are interested in a senior rails developer job in USA ….


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