Spire Health is hiring a Senior Product & Experience Designer Fully Remote

Senior Product & Experience Designer
Senior Product & Experience Designer

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time


Before reading about the Senior Product & Experience Designer remote job, you know about the role.
As the leader in this extended position, you will be responsible for redrafting and transforming the entire Spire patient journey. With a broader range of responsibilities than the usual Product Designer role, you will oversee all components of our product and service that impact the patient, encompassing the digital platform, patient-oriented services, and the wearable detector that patients utilize.
Your mandate will be to:

  1. Create and enhance the digital experience for Spire’s patients, incorporating respiratory data and insights from the wearable sensor and offering a comprehensive approach to care through features such as health check-ins, coaching, education, and a caregiver app.
  2. Collaborate with Spire’s clinical service and patient enrollment teams to develop a patient-centric service experience that prioritizes the needs and preferences of patients.
  3. Source and produce videos communicating Spire’s value proposition, facilitating onboarding, and educating patients about relevant topics.
  4. Conduct patient research and testing to ensure the digital experience meets their needs and delivers an engaging and intuitive experience.
  5. Serve as Spire’s representative for patient diversity and advocate for the needs of all patient populations.
  6. Work closely with engineering teams to bring the digital experience to life, specifying details and managing the product roadmap as a Senior Product & Experience Designer
  7. Evaluate the efficacy and utilization of the product through rigorous metrics and data analyses to ensure that Spire is achieving its goals and continuously improving the patient experience.
Senior Product & Experience Designer
Senior Product & Experience Designer


As a Senior Product & Experience Designer, you have to cover the following area :
Your zeal for providing unparalleled user experiences is matched only by your drive to transform the healthcare landscape by introducing new approaches.
With a keen intellect and a contagious enthusiasm, you are a team player who values humility and is committed to delivering impactful solutions.

Senior Product & Experience Designer
Senior Product & Experience Designer
  1. Possess a wealth of experience in digital health, particularly in product or UX design, with a preference for patient-facing products.
  2. Exhibit a deep understanding of user research and possess a natural ability to empathize with users and their needs.
  3. Excel in an ever-changing environment where you are called upon to wear multiple hats, including product design, product strategy, UX research, and product ownership.
  4. Embrace accountability and ownership, actively seeking to ensure the success of your projects and deliver impactful outcomes.
  5. Thrive on collaboration and teamwork, and consistently strive to align your work with the broader objectives and strategies of the company as a Senior Product & Experience Designer.
  6. Demonstrate exceptional communication skills, conveying information clearly and concisely while being a perceptive listener who can rapidly distill insights.
  7. Exhibit a keen intuition and a clear perspective on sound design and aesthetics, and consistently strive to bring these elements to your work.


Spire Health is on a mission to enhance the quality of life for patients with chronic respiratory conditions. We achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge technology that offers invaluable insights into a patient’s respiratory health daily.
With our dedicated clinical team, we build strong patient relationships that instill confidence, impart peace of mind, and empower patients to lead their lives to the fullest.
Through our innovative service, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients.
At Spire Health, we leverage advanced technology to enable an entirely passive sensor platform that captures breathing data in real time, around the clock.

Our novel algorithms transform this data into meaningful insights that offer a comprehensive view of a patient’s respiratory health, empowering them to take charge of their well-being.
Through this innovative approach, we enable patients to receive the care they need when needed, leading to improved health outcomes and quality of life.

Senior Product & Experience Designer
Senior Product & Experience Designer

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