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 If you are looking for latest IT jobs in Germany then, you have found the right place for your future. We are hiring a Senior Mobile Developer in Germany. We want a kind, honest and enthusiastic person for our team, who is ready to accept the challenges. Our team creates an advanced software through business and product strategy, development and design


  1. As a senior mobile developer in Germany, you will be responsible to set the project development direction with Headway technology.
  2. Able to create architecture diagrams and flowcharts to maximize the team’s understanding of project scope
  3. Organize pairing sessions to make developers able to learn how to grow with analysis of their craft, which includes efficiency and overall professionalism.
  4. You have to perform QA of both internal code quality, architecture, tests, and external end-user UI/UX.
  5. Make strong communication with customers during planning sessions and ensure that projects are on right track
  6. Conduct all meet-ups and development activities from the outside-in with MoSCoW prioritization.
senior mobile developer in Germany


  • You must have 3+ years of professional experience in mobile development
  • 5+ years of professional experience in general development
  • Expertise required in React Native or Flutter.
  • You must be ready to learn native iOS and Android.
  • Superb communication skills needed
  • Capable to show your work with great strength
  • You have to handle the full-stack technologies like Ruby on Rails, Phoenix/Elixir and Node.
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  • Opportunities to work on different projects with latest technology including financial technology health and fitness, logistics and supply chain.
  • Meet-ups with colleagues and customers to deliver features that users want
  • Chances to work with concerned customers who will appreciate your input and feedback.
  • Highly cooperative and supportive team members
  • You will get a lot of opportunities for leadership and career growth


  • Availability of 3 weeks of PTO & Sick time and 4 weeks of paid parental leave
  • We offer one week of additional time off during the winter holiday season
  • You will get 100% of health, medical and dental premiums insurance
  • $2,500 annual education and conference budget
  • Opportunities to get quarterly profit-sharing bonus plan.

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