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Market Data Analyst

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Senior Labor Market Data Analyst Job, we will describe Calbright College.
Calbright College seeks a Senior Labor Market Data Analyst to join its Workforce, Strategy, and Innovation (WSI) team. The primary role of this critical position is to develop and refine research methodologies and practices related to economic, occupational, and labor market data for reports and special projects.
Working closely with the WSI and other cross-institutional teams, the candidate will identify data products that address users’ needs and support the institution’s mission and strategic goals.
The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, an excellent communicator, and proficient in data analysis tools and databases. They must also be able to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, lead process improvement efforts, and promote equitable outcomes.
The candidate will also be vital in building a solid data culture within the organization. Empathy, curiosity, and openness to exploring innovative ideas are essential qualities for the ideal candidate.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

The following responsibilities provide an overview of the position and are not meant to encompass all tasks performed within the Senior Labor Market Data Analyst job’s parameters.

  1. Gather precise data and deliver comprehensive analysis and insights regarding changes and trends in the US and California’s labor market proficiently.
  2. Develop and coordinate the sharing of labor market information and related economic conditions by producing unique data sets for Calbright Teams and the WSI.
  3. Planned, managed, and coordinated the production of data outcomes, reports, memos, presentations, and recommendations to appropriately communicate research and findings to priority audiences.
  4. Manage data analysis, reporting, research, and mapping to assist data-driven decision-making independently for workforce development programs and labor and industry topics.
  5. Provide insights to essential stakeholders in line with Calbright’s strategic objectives.
  6. Keep updated on current developments and upcoming federal and state changes to labor-related market trends, reporting requirements, and analysis techniques.
  7. Compile, review, and enter/update data inputs into software systems proficiently.
  8. Create standardized user-friendly reports and resources and easy-to-use dashboards for cross-institutional teams, particularly the Workforce, Strategy, and Innovation teams.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned that support the job’s purpose.
Market Data Analyst

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

As a Senior Labor Market Data Analyst, we expect the following criteria from the individual.

  1. Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  2. Proficient in Google Workplace applications or Microsoft Office applications
  3. Skilled in using various computer software applications, databases, statistical, word processing, and presentation software
  4. Knowledgeable in research, survey, and analytical methods and techniques
  5. Ability to interpret and analyze complex research findings and conduct statistical analyses using software such as SAS, SPSS, R, or similar software
  6. Capable of presenting technical reports and making recommendations in a clear and professional manner
  7. Ability to gain and keep the confidence and cooperation of others, including many levels of management
  8. Strong attention to detail and Ability to manage tasks and workflow to meet deadlines
  9. Has the Ability to manage multiple projects and work well under pressure
  10. Ability to work Singly and in a team environment
  11. Possesses initiative, flexibility, and tact
  12. Proficient in literature reviews, legislation summaries, and legal research
  13. Skilled in public policy analysis and research
  14. Knowledgeable of College rules and regulations
  15. Possesses good judgment and decision-making skills
Market Data Analyst


For the Post of Senior Labor Market Data Analyst, the minimum qualifications we need are:

  1. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field of study, such as data science, economics, statistics, or public policy
  2. Minimum of three (3) years of experience working with labor market or workforce data and higher education, including collecting, processing, validating, and analyzing data from various sources.

Desired Qualifications

The desired qualifications for Senior Labor Market Data Analyst are as follows:

  1. Proficiency in Lightcast or other similar platforms, reports, and tools
  2. Knowledge and application of human-centered design and research methods
  3. Skilled in data visualization and storytelling, with the ability to present complex data in actionable visuals to drive strategy and inspire action
  4. Ability to evaluate existing tools and databases and provide software solution recommendations
  5. Graduate degree(s) with coursework or methodology in research and evaluation and experience conducting research projects as a Senior Labor Market Data Analyst.
Market Data Analyst

Working Conditions and Travel

To join Senior Labor Market Data Analyst, you must know our conditions and travel parameters.

  1. Calbright College is an online college with administrative offices in Sacramento.
  2. Remote work is done through digital communication tools and requires the Ability to work on a computer for extended periods.
  3. Regular attendance is essential; meeting attendance requirements may result in job loss.
  4. Albright College is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, and individuals interested in advancing diversity goals are encouraged to apply.
  5. Reasonable accommodations will be Given for qualified applicants with disabilities who self-disclose.
  6. The job requires the Ability to function in a remote online instructional environment performing work primarily sedentary.
  7. The job requires near visual acuity, sufficient hand/arm/finger skill, and the Ability to lift or exceed 25 pounds.

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Joining Process

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