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We’re looking for a Senior IT Project Manager to join our Information Technology Department in Ontario, Canada, who shares our important core values and demonstrates our critical competencies.

June 20, 2022


CATEGORIES Analyst, Information Technology, IT, Programming, Development, Project management, Project Management, Business Analysis, System administrator


The Project Leader is in charge of overseeing the completion of medium to high-risk IT projects that include any of the following:

  • There are numerous work packages and interfaces.
  • Internal and external regulatory contacts, as well as safety and licensing needs
  • Work packages with a lifespan of several years, as well as
  • Including a financial commitment to moderation.

The Project Leader is involved in the following activities using his or her general understanding of project management principles:

  • Planning a project,
  • Budgeting and resource allocation are two of the most important aspects of any project.
  • Internal client meetings to determine the project’s scope, deliverables, and timeliness
  • Approving the project’s scope of work, as well as the project’s priorities and duties,
  • Reviewing the project with the Project Team on a frequent basis for updates on deliverables in relation to the plan,
  • Detecting and addressing project risks
  • Getting team members to work together to fulfill quality, scope, and cost goals.

DUTIES Senior IT Project Manager In Ontario Canada:

  • Planning of projects must be from initiation to implementation
  • Project management documents such as project scope statements, project charters, project execution plans, risk management plans, risk registers, and so on are all drafted.
  • Stakeholder identification and their impact on project success
  • Identifying members of the project team and gaining a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Management of the project crew, stakeholders, and vendors.
  • calculating the length and effort of a project
  • Building project schedules in applications like Primavera or MS Project is a plus.
  • Prepare budgets for projects.
  • Prepare a variety of reports, including monthly progress reports, cost reports, stakeholder reports, and a two-week look-ahead, among others.
  • Regularly updating project timelines to track success versus the baseline
  • Management of earned value is better to understand.
  • Understanding the steps involved in securing financing via gating and sanctioning
  • There should be great support for Members of the project team.
  • Procurement documents such as statements of work and requests for information are written.
  • Creating a vendor assessment matrix that will be utilized to fairly and equally assess proponents.
  • comparing the benefits of the project to the requirements
  • Ascertaining that project deliverables meet expectations and criteria
  • Keeping track of project purchases
  • Keeping track of project costs and sticking to the agreed budget
  • Identifying risks and resolving them
  • Managing and managing the scope of the project as stated in the project scope statement
  • Celebrating project accomplishments
  • All parts of the project’s activities have a specified direction and management.
  • Managing the expectations of stakeholders
  • Creating a communication strategy and executing it as planned
  • Requirements comprehension
  • After completing projects there should a record of documentation.
  • Keeping track of what you’ve learned
  • Ensure that everyone works in a safe environment.



  • Graduation in computer science from a recognized educational institution. OR
  • Relevant IT technical and project management expertise, as well as completion of an equivalent formal educational program.
  • The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is widely sought after.


  • Ten years or more in a similar area with demonstrable experience in a technology field is best
  • Need three or more years of supervisory/leadership or project management experience.

Abilities & Skills

  • Rational analysis.
  • Furthermore, you need to demonstrate an eagerness to learn and the ability to do so.
  • Accurate and detail-oriented.
  • It’s a get-it-done mindset.

Job/Industry Specific Knowledge:

  • Understanding and experience with project management approaches
  • Experience delivering IT applications and SaaS solutions using Agile, Scrum, Iterative, and Waterfall approaches, as well as knowledge of numerous methodologies.
  • Experience with IT hardware solutions (network, data centers, telecommunications, etc…) will be advantageous.


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