Senior IT Manager – Adobe Center for Enablement

Senior IT Manager

Senior IT Manager’s capability in It manager Jobs is to minimize development duplication and introduce standards that all residents will adopt to help drive consistency, top quality, and re-usability and the enterprise.

DISH Network, Denver, CO  

Job info

  • Adobe, Automation, Orchestration, Digital Strategies, CI/CD
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Compensation: $133,000.00/Year – $190,000.00/Year

Job Description

At SLING TV, we work at the intersection of culture and invention, re-evaluating the meaning of consumer choice to develop our product and the medium it supports manufacturing.

More than five years after assisting millions of Americans cut the string and suspending Pay TV for good, our product continues to flourish because of the culture that helped shape it. We encourage opportunity both for our consumers and the employees who serve them.

At a top level, the Senior IT Manager over IT Center for Enablement

Why Software Development is a Major Part of Our Lives?
Senior IT Manager

Adobe is for demonstrating a Center for facilitation to ensure the residents of the platform utilize the international core. 

Potential to minimize improvement duplication and introduce standards that all tenants will adopt to help drive consistency, top quality, and re-usability and the enterprise.

 It adds to managing the partner relationship with Adobe, making sure that we are getting the value out of our current investment, and being responsible for working with internal business stakeholders to understand future product needs. As the leader of the Adobe C4E, responsible for onboarding all teams (business and IT) to the Adobe platform, ensuring standards are met, and that reusable component are shared and utilized. Responsible for a communication plan around the C4E that adds development against roadmaps, implementation of new specification updates on the product, etc. The potential to create administrative-level communications, further detailed-level communications, and modify the message to both technical and non-technical audiences. Individuals will be answerable to a team of technical architects, that will monitor technical standards/governance all over the organization. It will be critical to be able to administer the team as well as influence and collaborate with different teams that are outside of your direct influence.

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Primary duties and responsibilities of Senior IT Manager include:

  • Senior IT Manager is responsible for growing and leading the Adobe Center for Enablement at Dish.
  • Be the main anchor to inspect and develop technical resources in the Adobe stack.
  • Responsible for the overall work plan growth, top-level scope definition, timelines and budget estimates, resource administration, and problem resolution
  • Direct implementation and adoption of value add features, automation, and coordination.
  • Help establish all-embracing program objectives and goals in the Digital proficiency program.
  • The successful growth of program-related documentation, including the definition of shared lane growth practices.
  • Offer vision and direction for better consumer contact proficiency.
  • Confirm regular audits completed for processes, controls, data, and security.
  • Prioritize project and task requests and offer oversight through completion.
  • Analyze the appointment, training, performance assessment, promotion, and maintenance activities.
  • Describe standards and leading training that all shared residents will adopt, and proactively promote and influence the usage of those characteristics.
  • Oversee improvement efforts all over  multiple project work streams
  • Make sure excellent coding standards are used for readability, reuse, and efficiency. 
  • Help describe and manage processes for shared improvement lanes as part of the CI/CD procedure.

A successful Center for Enablement Manager will have the following:

  • Minimum 5+ years of management proficiency in a large enterprise environment.
  • Business management proficiency.
  • Adobe experience is prior.
  • Proficiency in administering Digital Strategies / Programs.
  • Proficiency in the creation and support  of detailed needs  and specifications.
  • Potential to visualize a solution from formation to implementation, proficiency in leading Adobe projects from end-to-end.
  • Senior IT Manager potential to recognize critical problems within product specifications, design and growth, and establish resolutions hurriedly and efficiently
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  • Applicants are required to complete a pre-employment screen, which may add a drug test.

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