Senior iOS Engineer job in USA

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Senior iOS Engineer job in USA

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Senior iOS Engineer job in USA is actually best IT job. Every company in today’s global village wants IT engineers for their company to grow and develop. The premier hub outside Interactive,  for active lifestyle enthusiasts, offers best-in-class content and experiences to more than 70 million of the world’s most passionate outdoor, endurance enthusiasts and wellness every month. 

We inspire a diverse and broad audience to do the activities they love with great inspiration,  enjoyment, and knowledge. We are dedicated to making real change in the outdoor and fitness industries. Story after story, Day after day, Outside Interactive, Inc., proves that a climb, a run, a day of skiing,  a hike, a ride, or a yoga practice can change lives. When it can change lives it means it can change the world.

Come join the Gaia GPS team at Outside to apply for a Senior iOS Engineer job in USA. You will build software for some of the wildest adventures on earth and help people explore the backcountry with cutting-edge tools and data in this role. With our innovative team of iOS Developers, You will work closely. This team has recently shipped new features such as turn-by-turn navigation, offline routing, and CarPlay integration to our passionate users. We have an extensive infrastructure based on open-source frameworks, open data, and tools.

Our North Star will equip our community with the best mapping technology to find your way outdoors at Gaia GPS.

This best paying job in USA  is 100% remote, and the company has been remote for 7+ years that is providing IT jobs in USA for forgers.

Qualifications for Senior iOS Engineer job in USA:

  • 5+ years experience in Objective-C, Swift, or C++ programming with developing high-quality production software.
  • Sharpen your IT skills by reviewing your peers’ designs and code for remote IT jobs.
  • Improve developer velocity by increasing testability, removing development roadblocks, and simplifying architecture.
  • Lead a growing team of software developers (currently 3 on the iOS team).  Notably by conducting code reviews and providing feedback to ensure best practices (e.g. testability, process and style guidelines, and efficiency).
  • Including API design and unit testing techniques, experience building maintainable and testable code bases
  •  Experience with mobile memory management and multithreading programming.
  • Experience in performance optimization, API design, client architecture, and tools in the mobile space.
  • Have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of iOS design patterns and principles.
  • Value is a mentor,  great team player, and communicator in a diverse and distributed team.
  • Experience in other parts of our Stack is a plus point  – Kotlin, Java, Javascript, Django, React, Python, Postgres, AWS,  NodeJS, and Docker.

What You’ll Be Working on at Gaia GPS – Outside

  • In the iOS app ecosystem, you will have to crack some of the most complex spatial challenges. 
  • Expanding and fascinating the Gaia GPS community and their capacity and ability to empower their peers.
  • To bring 40+ years of content to life, collaborating with the larger Outside engineering team Building applications that excel at battery life, and streamlining data storage and reliability.

Why You’ll Love Working at Gaia GPS – Outside

  • We are passionate about active and outdoor lifestyle participants and live the lifestyle ourselves.
  • to help ground us in humanity and memories there is a Yearly team trip (Yellowstone, Moab, etc)
  • We are actively working toward a 12/12 score. Today we are  9/12 on the Joel Test.
  • We are a  data-driven and technological business.
  • We will provide the world’s most personalized content as we are committed to active lifestyle participants. This content inspires and motivates them by understanding them better than any platform in the world.
  • We love thinking creatively,  solving problems, and trying new things.
  • We track and reward it as we believe in autonomy and taking the initiative.
  •  We don’t take ourselves seriously because we take what we do seriously.
  • We have an experienced, intelligent leadership team that wants to do it right and is open to new ideas.
  • You will know that the work you do brings joy to our clients every day and you will be proud to say that you work for Outside, Inc./Gaia GPS.

Entirely remote jobs that could be performed in Colorado: Employees can expect to be paid a salary of between $145,000 to $175,000. Additional compensation may include a bonus. Additional benefits include vision, health care, retirement, dental, sick leave, Flexible Time Away, and more. This salary range is merely an estimate and may vary based on market data/ranges, an applicant’s skills, location, prior relevant experience, certain degrees and certifications, and other relevant factors.

Location: US Locations Only


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