Contra hires a Senior DevOps Engineer for a fully remote job.

Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Contra

We are seeking a highly experienced Senior DevOps Engineer as remote based to join our engineering team and contribute to developing a top-tier platform for independent professionals and clients. As a pivotal member of our engineering team, you will undertake the significant responsibility of expanding our infrastructure and enhancing our CI/CD pipelines in your capacity as a DevOps engineer. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to influence our technology choices and processes, ensuring the Contra platform’s continued growth, stability, and success. This position is pivotal to the development of our rapidly expanding startup. You will work alongside a team of humble, accomplished individuals who share our passion for the company’s mission.

How you’ll add value at Contra

Being a Senior DevOps Engineer, you add the values by listing things:

  1. Possess expert knowledge in a wide range of DevOps technologies and best practices.
  2. Experienced in utilizing Google Cloud Platform natively and with complementary technologies.
  3. Demonstrate excellent communication and documentation skills.
  4. Ensure efficient collaboration with team members by fostering open lines of communication, promoting regular sharing of information, and providing mentorship as needed.
  5. Design, engineer, and maintain solutions for a highly resilient, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure.
  6. Enhance and scale CI/CD pipelines.
  7. Develop, maintain, and improve monitoring, alerting, and reporting tools.
  8. Provide ongoing operational support.
  9. Identify and improve the developer experience.
  10. Bridge the gap between infrastructure and applications with experience and comfort working in TypeScript/JavaScript Node.js environments and the ability to resolve issues that span both areas.
  11. Demonstrate self-sufficiency and proactivity in driving the company forward.
  12. Seek to expand knowledge and demonstrate how contributions help achieve business objectives.
  13. Have a highly energetic, capable, and ambitious personality.
Senior DevOps Engineer

You’ll be successful here if you are

Senior DevOps Engineer at Contra will be successful if

  1. Embrace our mission and feel passionate about being a part of the Contra community.
  2. Excel as a dedicated team player, working efficiently in a remote-only environment and able to accommodate core hours of 8 am – 1 pm PST as a Senior DevOps Engineer.
  3. Show genuine curiosity and passion for learning, with a willingness to acquire new skills quickly.
  4. Display goal-oriented behavior, understanding what it takes to achieve targets without unnecessary distractions.
  5. Demonstrate commitment and resilience in trying multiple times, even in the face of failure.
  6. Possess a strong work ethic and contagious energy, contributing to the team’s success as we work towards our North Star as a Senior DevOps Engineer.
  7. Take ownership and blaze the trail for others by establishing processes and documentation in a startup environment.
Senior DevOps Engineer

Our stack

  1. ArgoCD: a tool for continuous deployment and automation of Kubernetes applications.
  2. AlloyDB / PostgreSQL: relational database management systems for storing and retrieving data.
  3. GitHub Actions: a platform for automating software workflows through customizable actions.
  4. Google Cloud Platform: a suite of cloud computing services that Google offers for building, testing, and deploying applications.
  5. Fluentbit: a lightweight and flexible log processor and forwarder .
  6. Kubernetes, Helm & Docker: containerization technologies for deploying and managing applications in a scalable and efficient manner.
  7. Node.js: a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for building server-side applications.
  8. Meillisearch: an open-source search engine for creating fast and relevant search experiences.
  9. OpsGenie is a cloud-based incident management and alerting platform for IT and DevOps teams.
  10. Redis serves as a versatile data structure store that operates in-memory, offering its utility as a database, cache, and message broker as a Senior DevOps Engineer.

You’ll love Contra for

  1. All US full-time employees get 100% health coverage, while international contractors receive health reimbursements.
  2. New employees receive a $4,000 laptop reimbursement and additional funds for equipment, co-working, and meetups.
  3. US full-time employees are eligible for 401k matching.
  4. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are designated as no-meeting days.
  5. Generous time off is available to all employees.
  6. Flexible parental leave is offered to our Senior DevOps Engineer.
Senior DevOps Engineer

Our interview process

Interview of Senior DevOps Engineer will divided into 3 phases:

  1. Introductory call: 15-30 minutes
  2. In-depth technical discussion chat with the hiring manager: 45 minutes
  3. Culture interview: assesses candidate’s alignment with company values and work culture
  4. Founder interview: gauges candidate’s overall fit with the company vision and goals

Salary + Equity Range

  1. Salary range: $145,000 – $160,000
  2. Equity value range: $72,000 – $180,000

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “Senior DevOps Engineer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below and submit your resume!

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