Senior Creative Copywriter Job Remote based at Hostinger International, Hiring Now.

Senior Creative Copywriter

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Senior Creative Copywriter job, we will describe Hostinger International.
Hostinger, a leading web hosting company with a team of over 1000 enthusiastic professionals globally, is seeking an experienced English Creative Copywriter.
The ideal candidate will be skilled in crafting compelling short-form advertising copy that drives engagement, conversions, and brand alignment with Hostinger’s voice and tone.
Your primary objective will be cultivating brand credibility by creating affirmative brand connections and enhancing its influence through imaginative, entertaining, and inspiring copy that establishes lasting customer relationships.

What You Will Do

As a Senior Creative Copywriter, you will have to do the following things:

  1. Writing and reviewing copy for various advertising assets, websites, and brand/product awareness placements.
  2. Managing resources and guidelines for creating a high-quality document.
  3. Conducting research on the web hosting industry, Hostinger target audiences, and product data to ensure relevant and compelling copy.
  4. Contributing to creativity and creative processes while staying up-to-date with communication and industry trends.
  5. Adapting brand tone and voice to meet customer expectations.
  6. Proposing copy concepts that align with brand or product communication campaign goals.
  7. Collaborating with Creative and Brand Communication teams to develop marketing and communication materials.
  8. Writing SEO copy to drive conversion and direct response.
  9. Reviewing and providing feedback to fellow copywriters to ensure quality.
  10. Analyzing composition and identifying potential issues for quality management.
  11. Taking measures to improve copy quality continuously.
Senior Creative Copywriter

What We Expect

We Expect from our Senior Creative Copywriter the listed things:

  1. A portfolio is required to be considered for the position.
  2. Must be a native English speaker or a certified native-level English user (with a certificate).
  3. Proficient in writing, editing, and proofreading with working knowledge of SEO.
  4. Able to accommodate workload/shifts based on Eastern European Time (GMT +2).
  5. Experience in writing for the Tech/Computer industry is advantageous.
  6. Familiarity with AI tools is a plus.
Senior Creative Copywriter

What We Offer

We offer our Senior Creative Copywriter the following benefits:

  1. This position is a full-time remote freelance agreement.
  2. The company encourages and fosters an environment for you to unleash your creativity and leadership skills.
  3. Everyone values a culture of high standards, freedom, and responsibility.
  4. The company provides internal training courses, a Udemy account, a Masterclass subscription, and reference books to the world’s best conferences to further your professional growth.
  5. Managers & Successors academies are offered to boost your career growth.
  6. The company promotes a healthy work-life balance focusing on mental and physical health. They provide yoga and mindfulness seminars, Hostinger operational challenges, and health insurance.
  7. You can work remotely from any location around the world.
  8. You’re encouraged to be creative and daring in your methods for ultimate success.
  9. You’ll be able to take the lead and orchestrate changes together without waiting in line for your ideas and projects to become a reality.
  10. A portfolio is required to be considered for the Senior Creative Copywriter job.
Senior Creative Copywriter

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