Senior Back-End Developer jobs in Canada, December 2022

Senior Back-End Developer

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Job Overview

LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia
Job TypeFull-time
Job ID13198

Role of Senior Back-End Developer

In this role, you will

  • Correlate with team members to offer sprint goals.
  • Must contribute the best of your knowledge of system architecture (Microservices)
  • Write and support unit tests on all the layers of the application
  • Recognize code smells and opportunities for the development of the overall application architecture
  • Participate in the Scrum ceremonies (standup, sprint planning, retrospective)

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 Skills and experience of Senior Back-End Developer

Senior BacK-End Developer
Senior Back-End Developer
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Vital information on the Java programming language and the server climate.
  • Information in Microservices engineering
  • A profound comprehension of good programming rehearses, plan examples, and Article Situated Examination and Plan.
  • capacity to function as a feature of a group by adding to item overabundance surveys and arrangement plan and execution
  • Be focused on executing programming sooner rather than later while guaranteeing item quality isn’t compromised.
  • Effectively carried out and delivered REST administrations involving a cutting-edge java structure in the beyond three years.
  • Effectively planned data set models that are sufficient for the issue available.
  • Must have proficiency in Formal preparation in programming, software engineering, or PC designing.
  • Functioned as a feature of a developed design group

Requirement for Senior Back-End Developer

  • Must have a working knowledge of Spring Boot 2.0 or higher
  • Have a working understanding of Java 8 (or higher) characteristics such as lambda and stream expressions.
  • Must have a working knowledge of Domain Driven Design and Similar Architecture concepts
  • Understands reactive programming, reactive systems, Point to Point and Pub/Sub queues
  • Have a working understanding of containerization and building pipelines
  • Successfully implemented REST Services that can interact seamlessly with Frontend web applications

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