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Senior Associate Underwriter

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Senior Associate Underwriter job, we will describe New York Life.
At New York Life, we prioritize career development, teamwork, creativity, and inclusivity. We strive to make our employees feel a sense of pride in belonging to an organization dedicated to ethical practices. You’ll have the chance to advance your career and grow as an individual through a wide range of resources and programs.

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Position Summary

The Senior Associate Underwriter reports to the Managing Underwriter and critically assesses life insurance applications. With a focus on applications involving a 2-Year Total Amount at Risk of $3,000,000, the Senior Associate Underwriter evaluates applicants and determines whether to approve, decline, or request additional information.

Although Underwriting Guidelines are used as a primary tool, the Senior Associate Underwriter must exercise judgment when faced with complex cases that require a deeper assessment of the applicant’s risk factors.
To evaluate an applicant’s overall risk profile, the Senior Associate Underwriter considers various factors, including medical labs, family history, and recreation.
Medical Directors and Managing Underwriters are available for consultation, but the Senior Associate Underwriter is expected to recommend decisions rather than rely on others for insight.
Given that Attending Physician Statements are a crucial part of the application process, the Senior Associate Underwriter must have a strong understanding of medical terminology and the interplay between various medical conditions and their impact on mortality risk.
Additionally, the role requires close collaboration with General Office personnel and agents, making effective communication and customer service skills essential for success.

Senior Associate Underwriter

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Key Responsibilities

The Senior Associate Underwriter at our company has to fulfill the listed responsibilities.

  1. Assess mortality risk for proposed insureds based on medical and non-medical information for a 2-Year TAAR of $5 million or less, classifying risk as above average (Preferred/Select Preferred), average (Standard), or below average (varying Substandard risks and Decline).
  2. Maintain a strong understanding of administrative systems, product rules, Underwriting Guidelines, and medical factors affecting mortality.
  3. Communicate with agents and internal personnel via phone and written updates regarding application status, additional requirements, input errors, reinsurance offers, reconsideration questions, appeal requests, and final underwriting decisions.
  4. Assist Quality Control unit with audits, reviewing and auditing individual cases according to guidelines and serving as a consultant for difficult decisions.
  5. Mentor underwriters on proper documentation and clear written communication with customers.
  6. Accurately classify mortality risk on non-contractual attained age term conversions, contract changes, and reinstatements up to $5,000,000 TAAR.
  7. Participate in projects that benefit from experience in underwriting, customer relations, and interdepartmental knowledge, such as training initiatives, workflow, systems improvements, Best Practices meetings, etc.
Senior Associate Underwriter


For the post of Senior Associate Underwriter we demand the following experience to meet.

  1. Requires a Bachelor’s degree
  2. 7+ years of prior Underwriting experience is mandatory
  3. Must possess the ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and persuade others to adopt a different viewpoint
  4. Ability to make decisions that have cross-functional impact
  5. Must be able to collaborate with others to solve intricate problems using sophisticated analytical thought and equivalent experience to exercise sound judgment and identify innovative solutions.
Senior Associate Underwriter

Apply Process

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