SDET/Data Science Engineer job in USA

Cloud Application Engineer

Job description:

A fast- growing company that’s assembling products that help expand monetary access, choice, and control widely, is looking for an SDET/ Data Science Engineer. The Data Science Engineer will help maintain, review, propose and apply advancements to being architectures, tools, and processes. The quickly- growing global technology and data science company is concentrated on developing the most accessible fiscal services in arising areas. They’ve handled to boost$ 300mn in assistance during their Series E circle.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Concel all of the microservices with back- end automation, and integrate it into the reversion and delivery processes
  • Decision of complicated designs, frameworks, and algorithms
  • Honor the part that the job being done has in the global picture
  • For both front- end and back- end services and features, elaborate, keep up, convey out, and observe track of automated essays
  • Understands how to unite with other SDETs and cross companies while concluding common results in their own region
  • Conserve automated essays while observing track of them
  • Reconsideration test case content in the test supervision tool on a regular base and keep it conventional
  • Establish and keep track ofpost-production criteria
  • Produce and execute unit and integration tests for machine literacy models using different types of data
  • Include the prosecution of automated tests in the software development process
  • Work together with the team leader and other important stakeholders to plan the release and support of high- quality releases
  • In order to beyond perfect the quality of the product, assist and work together withcross-functional companies( Product, Data, Credit, and Business Development) to find robotization chances
  • Maintain, review, suggest, and set into practice variations to the standard structures, tools, and processes

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science( or original experience)
  • At least 4 times of applicable experience as a software mastermind
  • 4 times of moxie developing test tools and fabrics exercising Groovy, Kotlin, Java, and Scala
  • Expansive knowledge of the Behavior Driven Testing( BDD) paradigm and at least one Behavior Driven Testing fabrics, similar as Spock or JBehave
  • Former knowledge of microservice robotization
  • knowledge of the need and understanding of data science
  • Worked preliminarily in an nimble development surroundings( Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)
  • Expertise with one or further interpretation control systems similar as Github, Gitlab, and Perforce
  • Good in written and spoken English communication


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