1.Sales Director Fully Remote Job at Soar

Sales director

Location: Worldwide
Job: Full-Time

About Us:

Before describing the Sales director remote Job, we will tell you about us,
Hi, I’m Dimitry, the creator of Soar. This community-based marketing agency promotes brands on various platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Quora, TikTok, and other similar social media channels.
Our main goal is to help businesses gain visibility and recognition in the online world. We have identified a unique area of expertise, as not all companies know the potential benefits of using community-based platforms such as Reddit for their startups.
Our mission at Soar is to bridge this gap by educating companies on the value and potential of community platforms. By doing so, we aim to empower brands to tap into the power of community and achieve their marketing goals.
We, as a company, work primarily with startups, e-commerce & SaaS companies. Our services are unique and nontraditional

  1. Identifying and leveraging Reddit posts that are currently popular and relevant to our client’s interests or industry
  2. Crafting Quora answers that mention and highlight our clients’ products, services, or expertise
  3. Monitoring and engaging with brand mentions and conversations online to build brand awareness and reputation
  4. Strategizing and implementing tactics to grow and develop our clients’ subreddit presence and engagement

Our fundamental principle is to provide customers with a transparent and equitable service experience, a refreshing change for many who approach us.
Amidst the pandemic, our expertise in Reddit and the burgeoning crypto/creator economy has fueled our rapid growth as we aim to enhance and broaden our services.

The Role

That’s where you come in. Our Sales Director, As our inaugural sales team member, you will assume ownership of the sales pipeline, currently overseen by the founder (aka, me!).
Your initial projects will involve laying the groundwork for the future, starting with a deep dive into our current services and client usage. Reviewing client cases will give you insights into how our services can best serve them.
Get ready to take full responsibility for funneling our sales as you make yourself home. Prepare to put in some elbow grease as you pave the way for a thriving environment.

Sales director
Sales director

You will

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis of our current sales infrastructure and assist in charting the sales roadmap for the future at Soar as a sales director.
  2. Consolidate all our company resources into a single sales playbook that will be the foundation for all future sales activities.
  3. Please work with the strategy and account management team to devise tailored proposals that align with our client’s requirements.
  4. Take charge of our outbound sales initiatives, including managing platforms like Upwork.
  5. Handle inbound and outbound client calls and diligently pursue closing opportunities.

As a pioneer in this new position, you’ll have the opportunity to establish the parameters of your role.
You’ll be responsible for creating SOPs and setting benchmarks as you become more acquainted with your duties.


As a Sales director remote job, you should take the following responsibilities.

  1. Proficient in outbound and inbound sales with a proven track record
  2. Extensive experience working in sales and marketing agencies
  3. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  4. Availability during EST work hours as a Sales director
  5. Highly self-motivated and able to work independently
  6. Comfortable with remote work as we do not have a physical office location
Sales director

Bonus Points

~ Well-versed in the workings of blockchain and NFTs due to extensive exposure and expertise as remote sales director

Our proposed compensation package includes an hourly rate of $13 to $17 and a commission of 10% on all sales made without any upper limit. Our calculations suggest that this arrangement will be an equitable and motivating one.

  1. Monthly base income of about $2,400
  2. Monthly commission of around $4,000 

Why you might NOT want to take this role

A question arises most of the time why is this Job of sales director essential for you because,
There are jobs for everyone, but sometimes it’s just not a person/role/company fit! Here are reasons this Job might not be suitable for you:

~You want to stay in your comfort zone.

At Soar, there is a constant influx of new challenges, ongoing projects, and issues that require solutions. It means the company’s operations are dynamic, and every day is different. While some individuals may not appreciate this level of unpredictability, it is one of the defining features of working at Soar.

~You want to tell right what to do.

If you prefer a role that follows a predefined checklist, there may be a better position for you. While our team will provide you with plenty of resources, such as examples, procedures, and standard operating procedures (SOPs), you will be responsible for managing your projects, and unexpected challenges will inevitably arise that require your leadership.

~You’re looking for a regular 9-5.

At Soar, we don’t operate on a regular, predictable basis. Our pace is quick, and we’re constantly embarking on exciting new projects and facing fresh challenges. It’s not a position where you can go through the motions on autopilot.
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