Embedded Systems Architect job in USA

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Embedded Systems Architect/Developer for a fast-growing firm with a goal of automating the world with world-class technology and solutions. The chosen Embedded Systems Architect will be in charge of leading the software engineering process through continuous improvement. To help clients and organisations flourish with their tools, the company is aiming to design and manage innovative industrial automation solutions, mass communications platforms, and future-facing web technologies. This job necessitates some overlap with the EST time zone.

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Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Create a plug-and-play industrial automation system using the company’s cutting-edge Arduino Pro X8 or H7 microcontrollers.
  • Create an I2C interface for a local HMI application to connect with an unknown number of FRAMs.
  • Read and write data from and to multiple memory locations
  • In a generic fashion, read digital/analog sensor data and report information about these sensors to/interact with an IoT cloud (most likely MQTT or AMQP-based communication)
  • Industrial sensors are read generally and a plug-and-play interface for interacting with new sensors.
  • Use a touchscreen interface to provide information about addressable memory regions.
  • Sensor readings should be published via the PUB/SUB protocol.

Requirements for the Position:

  • Engineering or computer science bachelor’s or master’s (or equivalent experience)
  • At least three years of relevant experience as a software engineer
  • Extensive knowledge of embedded C/C++ with limited memory
  • Understanding of the Arduino platform
  • Extensive knowledge of I2C, UART, and other serial hardware communication methods.
  • Experience creating sophisticated state machines .
  • Experience with embedded Linux distributions based on Yocto
  • Knowledge of electrical engineering or hardware.
  • Understanding of NXP HSMs
  • A background in Industrial Automation/Industrial IoT .
  • Understanding of legacy industrial protocols like ModBus, Siemens S7, and Allen Bradley EthernetIP
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English


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