Senior Product Designer Fully Remote Job at Mochary Method

Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Designer

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the Senior Product designer remote job, we will tell you about us:
Mochary Method is a software development company that aims to provide CEOs with practical tools to run their businesses.

Our software is based on the Mochary Method, a proven framework for successful company operation.
Our founder, Matt Mochary, is a highly respected tech CEO coach who has coached some of the most successful CEOs in the world, including those from Coinbase, Reddit, and Brex.
Mochary Method was founded in response to the demand from these CEOs for a software solution to implement the Mochary Method operating system.
Our company is remote-first and comprises a team of 19 individuals in the USA, South America, and the EU. We work during California working hours when co-working.
With a small team, we all wear multiple hats and are always eager to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

We seek experienced individuals who can easily tackle a problem and develop solutions.

What You’ll Do

As a Senior Product designer, you will have to do the following things:

  1. Collaborate with product management, engineering, and leadership to drive overall product strategy
  2. Craft compelling narratives that communicate product needs and opportunities
  3. Develop user flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs in close collaboration with the team
  4. Maintain and enhance our Figma component library to ensure consistency and efficiency in design workflows
  5. Deliver exceptional products through a rigorous design process and attention to detail
Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Designer

By Day 30.

  1. Immerse yourself in the Mochary Method Curriculum to deeply understand our product philosophy.
  2. Observe and participate in internal product and design meetings to learn about our processes and workflows.
  3. Tackle 3 UI/Bug fix tickets in our Design Tracker to gain hands-on experience with our design tools and practices.
  4. Schedule 4 coaching sessions with your manager to become proficient with our design software
  5. Conduct a comprehensive design audit of a specific section of our app, and propose recommendations for improvements or changes.
  6. Conduct a user interview with Matt, our primary customer and head coach, to gain insights and feedback on our product.
  7. Watch three summaries of competitor research our team has compiled in-house to stay informed about industry trends and best practices.

By Day 60.

  1. Advance to working on medium-sized design projects, applying your skills and experience to deliver high-quality designs
  2. Identify a gap in our tool’s functionality and create a new spec to address it. Please share it with peers for feedback and to gain buy-in from stakeholders as a Senior Product designer.
  3. Please contribute to our design system by searching for commonly used patterns and combining existing components to create new ones.
  4. Conduct design audits for three additional sections of our app, gaining a thorough understanding of their functions, identifying flaws, and proposing improvements in a 1-pager for each.
  5. Conduct three customer interviews with at least two CEOs actively using our tool to gain insights into their experiences, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.

By Day 90.

  1. Collaborate closely with engineering to ensure the successful delivery of at least one small and one medium-sized project you have designed.
  2. Take on a leadership role in a large project, contributing to developing specifications, wireframes, and customer testing.
  3. Research and analyze new competitor tools that have emerged since joining the team, and compile updated competitor research documents
  4. Become a passionate advocate for the Mochary Method, fully understanding its principles and incorporating them into all design discussions and decisions as a Senior Product designer.
Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Designer

You might be a good fit if.

To join as a Senior Product designer, you have to fulfill the following things:

  1. Available for California working hours on most days for co-working and collaboration
  2. Enjoy solving ambiguous problems and turning them into concrete objectives.
  3. Skilled in prototyping to express your design ideas
  4. Appreciate top-notch visual design and pay attention to details
  5. Experienced in managing significant projects
  6. Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills with a professional and engaging approach.
Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Designer

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “Technical Support Representative” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below and submit your resume!

If you want to read the IT related info and new revolutions in the this industry visit our blog section.


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