Remote Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Account Executive
Senior Account Executive

We’re looking for an experienced engineer with strong technical design skills and excitement about mentorship to help keep our product quality high. And help keep our team well-rounded as we grow the product and the team. Here A remote senior backend engineer will not only supervise the team, also boost up the aims of juniors.

Engineering in this company has stayed small throughout the company’s growth. We’ve been able to work in a monolithic and simple backend sustainably. To tackle more challenges more quickly we’re getting ready. We need our small product team to grow into a group of teams, and our monolithic backend to split into multiple focussed services.

For helping to guide some of the architectural changes want to add another senior engineer to the team. We’re making in the short term to grow and mentor our junior team members to the point where in the future they can take on those roles 

About the team

  • Engineering at Sendwave is split between 6 teams (Finance, Growth and Engagement, Risk, Policy and  Identity, Delivery, and our Platform team). We’re about 30 engineers.
  •  At Sendwave Engineers work with Product to support all of our other teams including our Customer Service, Finance, Growth, and many more areas of the company.
  • The engineering team is responsible for both our native Android clients, iOS, and our python backend, including transaction delivery,  APIs, performance, and support tools.

In the first few months, you’ll be:

  • Attending cross-team meetings and discussions about our system’s top-level architecture.
  • Coaching and mentoring other engineers to facilitate long-term growth
  • Reviewing design and code docs for other team members
  • In order to move faster, help, identify and prioritize opportunities for our team to invest in the codebase(s). 
  • Building and deploying improvements and new features.

What you bring to the table to be a Remote Senior Backend Engineer:

  •  4+ of professional software engineering experience in a high-growth or 6+ years of professional software engineering experience in a rapidly changing environment
  • Solid understanding of concepts and server tools (python, web performance, databases).
  • Familiarity with mobile ( Android and iOS) platforms, and cloud infrastructure (e.g. GCP, AWS, Heroku).
  • Making complex technical/architectural tradeoffs thoughtfully and collaboratively..
  • shaping engineering culture across the company
  • Experience and excitement with mentoring junior as this is a job about seniors so this is a usual

Bonus points if you:

  • Have been part of a rapidly growing engineering organization and have experienced the challenges that come in the future.
  • Have experience with the tools/technologies/processes and with DevOps for building easy developer workflows.
  • Are able to understand a technical system and find how it could be more reliable to make changes.
  • Not necessarily want to be a manager, You should be excited about being a leader in an engineering org.
  • Are excited at the prospect of lowering remittance costs for diaspora communities and passionate about achieving Sendwave’s mission.

  Benefits if you are a Remote Senior Backend Engineer 

  • We are 100% remote. We are able to hire in Costa Rica (this one is very new), Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Senegal, the US, and the UK.
  • This is a permanent position.
  • Retirement contribution matching and subsidized health insurance (both vary from country to country).
  • Subsidized fertility assistance and 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave.
  • With a 20-day minimum requirement unlimited vacation of $10,000 annual charitable donation matching.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting why your experience demonstrates you meet the requirements of the role, if interested. Please indicate the countries in which you have work authorization.



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