Remote Nest.js API Developer

API Developer

Job description:

A U.S.- based company that specializes in assuring investors, empowering startups, and tracing liquidity is looking for a Nest.js API Developer. The Nest.js API Developer will work nearly with the Head of Product to make significant data integrations for the platform. The fast- arising SaaS platform enables creators to produce gambles and results around monetary operation, client traction dimension, expenditure operation, etc. This is an inconceivable occasion for inventors to join an innovative company creating game- changing inventions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the subsisting API team to understand their specialized requirements, answer questions, and help in the deployment of the first duplications
  • New client conditions must be restated into API integration and scoping
  • unite with teams to decide how they can best use the tool
  • Become a produce expert and explain the data growth
  • Understand the value of perceptivity and the data they can give to insure implicit guests understand how to get the most out of the product

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science( or original experience)
  • At least 3 eras of applicable experience as a software mastermind
  • 4 years of proficiency working in API development or integrations
  • 3 eras of expertise working with Google Cloud Platform
  • Working knowledge of REST API endpoints, webhooks, and JSON law
  • Capability to work consultatively with customers to work their problems
  • Proficiency working in fintech or payments would be an better
  • Capability to dissect and explain client data and understand sequestration counteraccusations
  • Passion for perfecting systems and structure processes from scrape
  • Fluency in English spoken and written


  • Expertise incross-browser compatibility, and the responsive design of applications
  • Basic knowlegde of front- end technologies
  • Experience in programming languages similar as PHP, Python, Java,etc.
  • Proficiency developing GCP/ AWS & law versioning tools like Git
  • Expert understanding of garçon- side sense and front- end performance optimization
  • Expertise in Docker, Unix/ Linux surroundings, including introductory commands and scripting


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