Growth Marketing Manager Fully Remote Job Worldwide at Timezest

Growth Marketing Manager
Growth Marketing Manager

Location: Worldwide

Job: Full time 

About TimeZest

TimeZest is a successful B2B SaaS technology company that revolutionizes how the IT Service industry schedules with clients. The IT/Managed Service Provider companies provide IT support for various industries, including healthcare, construction, legal services, and municipalities. TimeZest has made impressive progress since its establishment in 2019, boasting over a thousand MSPs as paying clients. Our globally dispersed team of professionals has extensive experience developing technology companies and working remotely. TimeZest’s unique stock plan ensures each team member is a company owner.

About the Role

We are seeking a Growth Marketing Manager to lead our lead-generation and full-funnel demand marketing efforts at TimeZest. We aim to boost growth and enhance brand recognition in the IT Service industry as we enter our fourth year of operation. The primary attention of this position is to increase TimeZest’s growth through marketing and lead generation, with a secondary focus on building brand awareness. 

We are seeking a versatile marketer who can handle tactical and strategic responsibilities. A preferred candidate would possess a professional history in B2B SaaS and startups, be self-motivated, and be able to explore data to make informed decisions.

~Role & Responsibilities~

  • Inbound Lead Generation: The primary duty of the Growth Marketing Manager as a remote is driving qualified inbound leads for our sales team. The two primary focus disciplines of inflowing lead generation are listed below but are not owed to these areas.
    • Event Marketing: This area will control logistics, messaging, speaking opportunities, and presence for all industries going on. In addition, managing and producing webinars are needed for this job, including sourcing topics and talent from within the company to nourish the connection to the brand and heighten—TimeZest’s notion leadership site in the fabrication.
    • Content Marketing: Content marketing has been revealed to be a key growth operator for many B2B companies in our industry. The Growth Marketing Manager will steer the content strategy and execution of this valuable scheme.
  • Channel Marketing: TimeZest works with various integration partners, each of which brings a different joint marketing juncture. As we add more channel partners, these will require punctilious management, consistent evaluation, ongoing optimization, and expansion.
  • Owned Media
  • Website: Management of our main owned asset, our website, will lie under this role. For the part involving on-page and technical SEO, the individual will collaborate with both internal and external resources to ensure that all requirements are met. This will also involve conducting A/B tests on landing pages, content, and conversion actions as part of their responsibilities.
  • Email Marketing: As for the Growth Marketing Manager on email marketing, the appointed Growth Marketing Manager will be responsible for devising a successful strategy and overseeing the implementation of an effective email marketing campaign. This campaign will aim to engage potential customers with our brand’s value and expertise, utilizing tactics such as advertising and newsletter emails.
  • Shared Media: TimeZest’s social media presence is currently at a moderate level, and thus, it needs an involved leader to evaluate its strategy and develop an implementation plan. The plan should aim to maximize the company’s growth and engagement through social media channels in a proficient and effective manner.
  • Paid Media: The Growth Marketing Manager involves the development, supervision, and enhancement of ongoing campaigns, as well as the identification of opportunities for growth in paid tactics for both brand awareness and conversion. Effective management of various channels such as Google Search, LinkedIn, MSP Radio, and Channel E2E will require a strategic approach that takes into account internal and external resources to generate leads and revenue.
  • Moreover, the role requires the implementation of retargeting and other charge-nurturing tactics within paid channels as part of the overall campaign strategy.
  • Sales Support: The allotted individual for Growth Marketing Manager will collaborate closely with the Sales team to provide assistance in crafting effective messaging and devising strategies for email sequences and other sales support assets. This collaboration aims to optimize the effectiveness of such assets and ensure they are aligned with the company’s overall sales objectives.
  • Analytics & Metrics: In Growth Marketing Manager, the individual will be accountable for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of our primary marketing initiatives. This entails verifying the tagging, data collection, attribution, and reporting functions are functioning correctly. The role also involves providing insightful observations and practical recommendations to enhance our marketing efforts.
  • Product Marketing: In alliance with our Chief Product Officer and other executive leadership, this position will sustain clear and effective communication of our product offerings and value across all marketing channels and schemes.
  • Awareness: Although TimeZest has established brand awareness within various IT Service industry communities, there is a need to expand the understanding of the brand’s value and potential throughout the industry. The individual in this role will enhance brand awareness to drive demand generation at the top of the sales funnel. The objective is to reach a wider audience and maximize the brand’s potential within the industry.
  • Brand Marketing: The Growth Marketing Manager will play a pivotal part in the growth of our brand-level endeavors. This includes devising strategies, messaging, positioning, and activation planning that aligns our brand persona with our customer journey. The objective is to foster a comprehensive activation process, from creating brand awareness to building advocacy. The individual in this role will have an immediate impact on these efforts and drive their evolution toward achieving the company’s strategic goals.
  • Strategic Leadership and Marketing Operations: Besides the areas of responsibility listed above, this Growth Marketing Manager will be the main marketing leader at TimeZest. Internal and external resources will help you in growing our market share and positively bang our marketing experience.
  • ~Qualifications & Experience~
  • The ideal candidate for “Growth Marketing Manager” should possess the following qualifications:
  • 5+ years of experience in lead generation and marketing, particularly for software start-ups or B2B SaaS, with a preference for MSP/IT industry experience.
  • Prior experience working in a startup environment, with a proven track record of delivering rapid results.
  • Proficient in executing ROI-driven marketing tactics and leading teams to implement an effective marketing strategy.
  • Strong expertise in inbound marketing, demand, and lead generation strategies and tactics.
  • Experience in managing and leading teams of external marketing, design, and writing contractors.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for fostering relationships across the organization and within the industry.
  • Intermediate working knowledge of standard marketing tools, such as HubSpot, Intercom, Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, and WordPress.
  • Expert working knowledge of common communication and productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office 365.
Growth Marketing Manager
Growth Marketing Manager

Job & Benefits Details

Base Salary: The offered salary for Growth Marketing Manager ranges between $80,000 to $110,000 USD annually, and additional performance bonuses may also be granted based on experience.

Stock: offer will be commensurate with the role, experience, and TimeZest’s growth stage. 

Work Schedule: The work schedule is flexible, with the requirement of overlapping with the Eastern US time zone.

Paid Time Off: Offers 24 days of paid time off per year, with access to US medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.

Location: As a fully remote job, the company provides a home office stipend to support remote work needs. 

Home Office: Joining an early-stage as Growth Marketing Manager, profitable, and rapidly growing company presents a unique opportunity to make a significant impact

Note: No applications or solicitations from recruitment agencies or other businesses will be entertained for Growth Marketing Manage. Don’t wait to apply now from the button below.

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