Remote Front-End Engineer

Frontend User Interface Developer

Are you seeking an excellent opportunity to join a passionate and skilled squad with a Remote Front-end Engineer job in the USA dedicated to motivating and leading their peers and helping them grow?

In the UK, £5.2 billion got stuck in traditional depository systems, which offer a poor experience for everyone. Our vision is to change this and ensure that every rental experience is positive for agents, tenants, and landlords.

Our team is providing a solution that allows tenants to secure a new home with a small registration fee instead of paying a costly deposit while giving landlords up to twice the protection of traditional deposits.

Over the last 5 years, we helped over 30,000 tenants save £25 million in upfront costs and provided increased tenancy protection for 2,000 properties. In addition to improving our core product, we identify, test, and implement innovations to make every rental experience positive.

Duties For Remote Front end Engineer

As a Remote Front-end Engineer will report to our CTO Bartosz about working on our main product used by landlords, tenants, and agents to manage their tenancy relationships. You will focus on our front-end development to create and design a great customer experience.

We’re a small based company, so you work with people across all functions and levels of the business. You will get a golden opportunity to learn a lot about engineering and every detail of the company’s growth.

  • Please work with the team and help us decide how to improve our product
  • Improve the way we work, iterate processes and tools to ensure we are using best practices and technologies
  • Iterate and optimize products based on feedback and data analysis
  • Accept ownership of your assignments by designing, building, maintaining, and iterating on new features and new products

Job Requirement For Remote Front end Engineer

  • You will become a mid-level engineer with experience in our core front-end technology.
  • Experience working in a small team and start-up environment is an advantage.
  • A creative problem solver who can understand the commercial impact when designing a technical solution

About technology

We host our infrastructure on AWS, and the core application is written in python/Django. It is supported by event-driven microservices written in typescript/node. We use vue.js on the front-end and develop an internal design system. CI/CD pipeline is configured on CircleCI, using Terraform to define the infrastructure. For the data warehouse, we use snowflake, looker as BI tool, airflow, and stitch for ETL. The applicants don’t need to have experience with these specific technologies as long as they are willing to adapt to our technology stack.


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