Remote Based Senior Backend Engineer

Remote Senior Backend Engineer
CompanyLoot Locker
Experience Level5+
Job TypeFull Time
SalaryFrom 5,000 US$ – 7,000 US$ per month
LocationEurope, North America
Job PostedFebruary 1st, 2022
Application DeadlineJune 1st, 2022

Job Summary

We are searching for a Senior Backend Engineer to work with the development of our center backend service and give leadership and mentoring inside the backend team.

Job Description

In this job, you will be entrusted with planning and fostering our backend services as well as supporting our clients when they need technical assistance. You will be working with a team of Senior Backend Developers, participating in planning and executing long-term technical guides.

Our backend services are carried out in Go and PHP, where the PHP parts are viewed as inheritance and will be supplanted with Go over the long run. Our storage solutions vary from MySQL, over AWS Athena to Redis, and asynchronous jobs run with AWS Lambda. Our frontend is written in React and NextJS with Tailwind CSS. You will want to have the option to carry out interfaces for features you develop in this frontend as well.

As we are a small team you will be working intimately with the CTO and other Senior Engineers to characterize the scope of work before executing the planned tasks alone. In light of this, we are searching for a solid applicant who is a strong communicator, works admirably in a remote setting, and can take care of technical issues absent a lot of direction. This job can ultimately evolve to a Team Lead inside the Loot Locker technical association as we grow the organization.


  • At least 5+ years of expert backend development experience
  • Strong knowledge of Go and TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of PHP
  • Broad experience from storage technologies like MySQL, NoSQL, and Redis
  • An incredible sense of technical excellence, functionality, and critical thinking
  • Great verbal and written English

Bonus Qualification

  • Experience with AWS services such as Lambda, EC2, Fargate, RDS, and other different services.
  • Experience from the gaming industry
  • Knowledge of C# and/or C++
  • Past work with high accessibility solutions
  • Energetic with regards to gaming

About Loot Locker

Loot Locker is the game backend that opens cross-stage game services for a wide range of developers. As an organization, we are enthusiastic about aiding non-mainstream and small game development teams succeed in making the best games possible. We believe that the most persuasive and earth-shattering games are by small, independent developers; however, the battleground isn’t level and these studios need admittance to a similar capability as the greatest AAA titles to contend. LootLocker intends to give every tool important to run a successful game.

Loot Locker was founded pre-pandemic as a remote-first company, as we believe that efficiency is created through trust, focus, and most importantly a healthy work-life balance.

At Loot Locker we give a competitive salary (for a start-up), investments into your homework setup, and adaptable working hours to guarantee you can concentrate when you feel productive, and exercise or rest when required.

We also provide

  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Employee stock options
  • Free Fridays
  • Monthly game purchases
  • Biannual in-person company get-together


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