Remote-Based Bitcoin Engineer Job

Remote Based Bitcoin Engineer Job

At Custodia, we are looking for some enthusiastic, talented people who can perform the Remote-Based Bitcoin Engineer Job passionately. A Custodia is a new breed of the bank-a software platform with a bank chartered, built to connect digital assets with the financial trading system safely and soundly. Shortly, all banks need a system to hold digital assets and provide critical API technologies to digital-savvy clients. Already Custodia is a chartered bank, and we look forward to launching a US dollar clearing bank that provides custody services for bitcoin and other digital assets.
Our core product will be a digital dollar issued by a bank, allowing and facilitating our customers for faster, cheaper, and programmable US dollar transactions. Our pioneers have in-depth experience and knowledge of both bitcoin and traditional financial services.

Responsibility as Remote-Based Bitcoin Engineer Job

  • To design, extend and maintain our Blockchain program
  • To deposit and withdrawal workflow for our custody product
  • Testing and configuration of Bitcoin nodes
  • To integrate our existing backend with the Bitcoin blockchain segment
  • To build our exemplary system and UTXD management workflow

Requirement for Remote-Based Bitcoin Engineer Job

  • Have vast knowledge and a deep passion for the Bitcoin ecosystem and its related software
  • Have the ability to communicate the complex technical information
  • Recognize and understand the significance of communication and teamwork collaboration for building great software
  • Remote work experience is required

Bonus if you have experience with

  •   Python and Django Rest framework
  • Open source contribution to Bitcoin-related projects
  • CI/CD
  • A stable, smart contract or other relevant cryptocurrency knowledge

Desired Skills


Block Chain

Django Rest framework



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