Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer

Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer
Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer

About the Team

When you join us as a Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer, you’ll be joining our MacOS Platform Sensor team. This team is supporting CrowdStrike’s flagship Falcon endpoint protection platform. It is responsible for core sensor components both in user space (C, Swift) and kernel. 

Our company MacOS Platform Sensor team is related and a piece of good news for those who are searching for IT jobs in USA for foreigners. We maintain and build the MacOS sensor, creating and/or building a platform for features and products like Zero Trust Assessment, Falcon Insight, On Sensor Machine Learning for Malware prevention, Falcon Firewall Management,  Falcon Device Control, Falcon Prevent, etc. Products that empower customers with detection, prevention, and response capabilities. Similarly in this team, there are also members that joined us when they want top IT jobs in USA

About the Role

CrowdStrike Falcon Host is a two-component security product that offers the best IT jobs in USA. One component is a “sensor”: a driver installed on client machines that observe system activity and recognizes malicious behavior. After this machines used for this purpose provide on-box prevention capability and remote to the Falcon Host cloud telemetry. To provide deep visibility into operations on the endpoint, the sensor processes thousands of events per second and performs rich correlation blocks of malicious activity and computation to identify malicious events.

 For each customer’s network, the cloud component aggregates sensor telemetry and correlates malicious behavior across multiple machines. And with a prioritized summary of the threats detected in their environments, presents our customers’ operations teams 

This is a macOS Remote Algorithm software development Engineer role in the team that delivers the sensor (lightweight agent) on macOS. It is clear that Engineers in the team own the design and development of core features on the platform. Features will cross-cut most core OS subsystems such as memory, file system, networking, and process. Many features are also built in a way that they will have shared components across  Linux and  Windows. The team ships frequently and operates under the Agile development principles. There are the main criteria for remote IT jobs USA for which we need a Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer.

Responsibilities for  Remote Algorithm Software Development Engineer

  • Develop and design software for deployment on macOS systems
  • There is the company,s Own features from design to delivery.
  • In various physical locations, collaborate with a multi-functional team 
  •  To solve Troubleshooting issues with the product as reported by our customers responsively.
  • Other projects as assigned

What You’ll Need

  • Can develop high-quality code in C/C and Swift, and can demonstrate that capability, schoolwork, through job experience, or contributions to community projects.
  • There are some characteristics that are associated with this highest paying IT job in USA in macOS developing product code.  
    • high concurrency requirements need strong use of multi-threading
    • high-reliability requirements
    • On low-level operating characteristics detailed requirements ( efficient performance, memory usage, correct conformance to external standards)
  • There should be an experience working on a team to ship major features and releases
  • Collaborate, able to communicate and work effectively in a distributed team.



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