Relationships Editor Job Remote based at mindbodygreen, Hiring Now.

Relationships Editor

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Relationships Editor job, we will describe MBG.

Mindbodygreen has pioneered the health and well-being industry, leading conversations and offering actionable content and products to help people make significant changes in their lives. 

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects, and strive to be inclusive of all voices, particularly those often marginalized.

To further our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we encourage applicants of all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and experiences to apply for our Freelance Love & Relationships Editor role. 

As an equal-opportunity employer, we do not discriminate based on legally protected status. It’s a two-month independent contractor position, offering the flexibility to work asynchronously or attend meetings with our editorial team. 

Relationships Editor

We are looking for an experienced editor with solid writing skills to support the growth of our relationship sections. If interested, please review our current love and relationships sections before applying.


As a Relationships Editor, you have the following responsibilities.

  1. Take charge of the growth and development of mindbodygreen’s Love & Relationships sections
  2. Maintain mindbodygreen’s unique perspective on love and relationships by ensuring that all content reflects this viewpoint
  3. Create, edit, and publish 24 stories per month, including 18 SEO and 6 non-SEO stories
  4. Develop an SEO strategy for each SEO story, create a story outline, and provide it to the writer
  5. Update 4 to 6 SEO stories per month to maintain their freshness and support strong search ranking
  6. Track and keep all SEO stories to achieve monthly search traffic goals
  7. Collaborate with the SEO team to brainstorm keywords to target
  8. Generate ideas for non-SEO stories based on trends, previous traffic wins, and timeliness
  9. Use story performance data to make informed decisions and improve future content
  10. Manage a roster of freelance writers, expert contributors, and staff writers
  11. Work with the creative team to build all stories into the CMS and select relevant imagery
  12. Manage the freelance budget, ensuring that it aligns with editorial goals.
Relationships Editor


The Requirements for the Relationships Editor are the following.

  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in editing, preferably in the field of love and relationships
  2. Experience with SEO is a significant advantage
  3. Must have the ability to work independently
Relationships Editor

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