P&C AG SOLUTIONS hires a Proofreader & Content for a fully remote job.

Proofreader & Content Writer
Proofreader & Content Writer

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the “Proofreader & Content Writer” remote job, we will tell you about our company:
Since 2000, P&C Ag Solutions has been a leading provider of agronomy services and technology consulting for growers in the local community. Founder Michael Houghtaling identified a need for an independent agronomist to assist with emerging precision-ag technologies.
The company has since expanded to offer a range of products and services. We specialize in selling and servicing Ag Leader SMS software, Dawn Strip-till equipment, Martin, Yetter, and Dawn row cleaners to meet all planter needs.
Our extensive inventory includes thousands of hydraulic fittings and adapters, and we offer on-site hose crimping services.

Additionally, our cable shop can build or repair any wiring harness you may require.
We have garnered a loyal online following through our eBay store, selling many GPS product accessories and offering daily UPS shipping.

Proofreader & Content Writer
Proofreader & Content Writer

What are we seeking?

We are searching for a detail-oriented Proofreader & Content Writer to join our Proofreading Team.

The candidate will produce a deep presence for spotting errors and discrepancies and the ability to ensure consistency across projects.
Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must, as outstanding organizational capabilities and the capacity to manage multiple tasks accurately.
This role requires collaborating with team members from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience within a multicultural environment. Professional judgment is essential to excel in this position.

Proofreader & Content Writer
Proofreader & Content Writer

Duties and Responsibilities

Being a Proofreader & Content Writer, you have the following duties to do:

  1. Conducting thorough reviews of documents to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and style
  2. Fact-checking all asset content for accuracy
  3. Organizing and maintaining asset files for reference by all proofreading staff
  4. Meeting all proofreading deadlines in a timely and efficient manner
  5. Collaborating with account leads and production team members to ensure smooth project workflow
  6. Providing light copywriting and copyediting services as needed.
Proofreader & Content Writer
Proofreader & Content Writer

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “Proofreader & Content Writer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below and submit your resume!

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