Proofer Marketing Job Remote based at Curriculum Associates, Hiring Now.

Proofer Marketing

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Proofer Marketing job, we will describe Curriculum Associates.
The Marketing Services team looking a Temporary Associate Marketing Proofer/Editor to oversee the daily proofreading, copy editing and reviewing, and of print and digital content.
The candidate will work collaboratively with project owners and designers to ensure that marketing objectives, brand strategy, and messaging goals are achieved.
This role requires a comprehensive understanding of messaging and positioning and a focus on maintaining a consistent voice and story across multiple channels.
The successful candidate will possess knowledge of company branding styles, policies, and messaging guidelines and will be responsible for managing the daily use of marketing applications in a cross-functional environment.

Benefits and Pay Range

Pay: The hourly rate for this role (Proofer Marketing) is $40, and the Company acknowledges that minimum wage can differ by location. 

Therefore, all compensation decisions will align with relevant state and local laws to ensure compliance.

Proofer Marketing

Benefits: Employees classified as temporary or per-diem, who work for at least 30 hours each week within the Company’s look-back period, are eligible to ingo in medical coverage after 90 days of employment.

Additionally, those who work over 20 hours per week are eligible for twelve paid holidays, while all temporary and per-diem employees can accrue sick time.

Proofer Marketing

Joining Process

In order to join the Proofer Marketing post you can click on the button below:

Proofer Marketing

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