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We are excited to be recruiting Capital Project Manager in Staffordshire who will help us to deliver Stoke-on-Trent’s ambitious Leveling Up Program. These  projects play the role of backbone for the city which will play a key part in demonstrating Stoke-on-Trent’s ambition to ensure continued growth and investment within the local economy.

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Stoke-on-Trent is at the center of the government’s leveling-up agenda. The council has managed to obtain three major investment packages and has been awarded a total of £ 56M for providing its leveling up program. This measure of investment, along with other public and private sector funds, will help rebuild this magnificent city and open up Stoke on Trent’s true growth potential.

Stoke-on-Trent, once the global center of the ceramics industry, has a rich and interesting history, continuing to expand its economic base and secure high-value employment opportunities for its residents. Stoke-on-Trent is a great place to live and work, with standard but affordable accommodation, easy access to areas like Choti District and great road and rail connectivity. Stoke-on-Trent City Council is an employer of choice and helps its employees become the best they can be.


Capital projects managers play a key role with the leveling-up team. This position will include the guidance and delivery of an approved and agreed investment program, which will cover all aspects of its management, administration and delivery from start to finish. The leveling-up program is organized into investment departments led by delivery managers. They will have a number of projects to support and deliver, and will work throughout the program as directed, while coordinating multi-disciplinary teams in the delivery of small projects. As such, post holders will spend most of their time working with consultants, contractors and stakeholders.

Project Manager In Staffordshire

Join a council that provides key regeneration schemes including: Leveling Up Projects on Etruscan Square, Goods Yard Development, the city’s £ 36m Transforming Cities Fund Program, Heritage Regeneration Schemes and £ 47m Etruria Valley Link Road.

 Full details of the job description is available for those who are  interested applicants to review and Michael Page’s team can talk to you in more detail through this role and the wider leveling up program. Please contact Matt Masters (phone number removed) to discuss this role in more detail.


Successful capital project manager will ideally have the following skills and experience:

Gain extensive experience in construction project management throughout the life of projects up to k 100k – M 100m.

Gain communication and business acumen to work as a client-side project manager.

Being able to prepare a client’s brief, developing a pre-construction program; Consulting, acquiring and managing a variety of agreements depending on the type and nature

Experience working for public sector clients.

Confident in providing friendly, personal and collaborative teamwork, dialogue and project;

Self-motivation with the ability to guide, develop, set direction in a changing environment;

Direct experience in managing, supervising and encouraging multi-disciplinary teams, including hiring and supervising consultants;

Direct experience of project and program management, resource planning / forecasting and budget management for both projects and business practice management. Job offer

Capital Project Manager posts range from £ 44,624 to £ 47,665. You will also enroll in the LGPS pension scheme and receive 15.6% of the employer’s share in your pension

This is a great opportunity for successful candidates to build a career with an organization that will help you achieve your true potential and provide some really interesting large-scale investment plans.

These are great characters, those who are wiling for the post of project manager in Staffordshire please contact Matthew Masters on Michael Page and click the Apply button.

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