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Posted on: 12 August 2022


Sphere Test & Services Ltd


£45,000 per year



Job Type:



19 September 2022

Job Title: Technical Project Manager

Location: Bournemouth

Salary: £45-£65k per annum

Contract: Fulltime, permanent

Role OF Project Manager In Bournemouth

The Technical Project Manager In Bournemouth is responsible for the proper completion and success of their project(s), from the kick-off meeting to the end of the warranty period. Project Manager also involved in the proposal creation and evaluation phase from a technical and commercial perspective. In addition to He is the primary interface to the customer during the project execution phase and ensure adherence to contractual terms while maintaining customer satisfaction. They are ultimately responsible for the quality, cost, and on-time delivery (QCD) of the project deliverables.

Technical Project Manager
  • This position applies to all levels of project managers. Senior Project Manager In Bournemouth assigned to more complex or larger projects typically feature:
  • Size > 500K EUR and/or
  • New technologies, products, customers or domains, and/or
  • the complexity of the contract structure and/or
  • Requires multiple SPHERE subsidiaries and/or guidance and coordination.
  • Important customer relationship and/or
  • Candidates will be expected to contribute to their projects and technically and therefore should have experience in electronics design.

Ensure the Project’s success

To ensure project success, the Project Manager In Bournemouth:

Organizes and leads project kick-off meetings with the participation of sales, finance, and other key stakeholders and necessary resources in the implementation phase to ensure proper handover between the bid phase and implementation phase.

Manages and leads a project kick-off with the customer.

Defines and maintains project organization including but not limited to quality plan, work breakdown structure, deliverables, and also planning

Ensures the project is accurately entered into the company’s ERP, financial reporting systems/templates, and any other applicable IT tools.

Initiates, coordinates, and controls all activities according to the project plan and under the project life cycle process.

Holds regular project evaluation with the project team and with the customer, documented with minutes of meetings.

Identifies the required resources (skills and capacity) and assigns them to the project in collaboration with the delivery team. Assesses the need for external subcontractors, obtains approval from the Delivery Manager, and works with the Delivery Team.

Prepares and participates in project reviews.

Proactively identifies and reports project issues, and recommends and implements corrective actions. The project manager is responsible to mount issues that cannot be resolved at their level.

Maintain up-to-date estimates of project financial status, moreover including but not limited to revenues, cash position, the cost to date, gross margin, the cost to completion, receivables, WIP

Maintains a risk and opportunity register with mitigation actions.

Ensures timely recognition of revenue, issuance of invoices, and collection of cash.

Initiates and monitors external purchases (materials, labor, services) in coordination with sourcing, purchasing, and manufacturing functions.

Maintains a register of all additional customer requests, scope changes, or specification changes to maintain or increase the initial project gross margin. Initiates supports and leads (with sales) requests for additional funds from customers (variable orders, claims)

Projects involving multiple SPHERE Group entities are led by a Senior Project Manager, who is responsible for intra-group coordination, cross-subsidiary project reviews, and overall Group revenue and gross margin.

Contributes to the offer creation process
  • At the request of the business, Project Managers participate in Go/No Go and Bid Reviews processes for projects they may lead, or where their experience is needed to develop a commercial and technical proposal.
  • Project managers participate in the proposal creation process by:
  • Assess project management workload and, and in coordination with DT, availability of execution resources
  • Assist in identifying and estimating project risks and opportunities
  • Define, or support, the proposed project schedule, work breakdown schedule, and critical milestones to mitigate risks.
  • Identifies customer responsibilities and recommends inclusion of relevant wording in commercial proposal
  • Supports sales in presenting commercial and technical presentations, on an ad hoc basis.
Evaluation Criteria for Project Manager In Bournemouth
  • The success of a project is measured by:
  • Customer satisfaction, as measured by existing customer survey processes.
  • OTD indicators
  • Gross margin, at or above the baseline as set during the kick-off meeting.
  • The quality of deliverables is measured by the OQD metric.
  • Preference will be given to candidates having experience in Electronics Design.


  • Competitive salary
  • Annual Bonus
  • Generous Pension Scheme (4% EE & 8% ER)
  • Full Family Healthcare Plan
  • Family Cash Plan
  • 27 Days Holiday (plus Bank Holidays)
  • The ability to work remotely (after a qualifying period)
  • Cycle Scheme

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Candidates with experience or relevant job titles; Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Manager, as well as Senior Project Coordinator will also be considered for this role.

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