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Product designer

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

Who We Are

Before we describe the Product designer remote-based job, we will give a short intro about Ness.
Ness, a remote-first startup at the exciting intersection of fintech and healthcare, is committed to making healthcare affordable.

With a $15.5M seed funding round under its belt, Ness is backed by some of the industry’s most influential operators and entrepreneurs, including Sweetgreen, Headspace, One Medical, and Thrive Market.
Led by the former CEO & Founder of Greatist, who successfully sold the company to Healthline in 2019, Ness is developing an innovative health credit card that functions like an AmEx card.
By encouraging positive health behaviors and offering rewards, Ness is disrupting traditional healthcare insurance and aiming to revolutionize the industry.
The ultimate goal is to reduce healthcare costs and put people in control of their health and finances.

What Impact You Can Make

Joining our Design team as a product designer, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating a groundbreaking health and finance experience that has the power to transform the healthcare landscape forever.
As a product designer, you’ll lead the charge in exploring, researching, brainstorming, and designing the product, working with our engineering and product management teams to deliver cutting-edge user experiences.
This position falls within our Experience pillar under the auspices of the Design team.

Ideal Candidate for Post

At Ness, we believe in a comprehensive approach to assessing talent for our team and also for our Product designer, So even if you still need to fulfill 100% of the qualifications listed below, we strongly encourage you to apply.
We recognize that your unique skills and experiences may make you an excellent fit for our team, and we’re committed to exploring every opportunity to identify exceptional candidates.
Don’t hesitate to submit your application; we’re excited to hear from you!

  1. Possess 4-5 years of experience in product design, having contributed to consumer-facing software, especially iOS applications.
  2. Have a comprehensive portfolio highlighting your keen eye for visual design and meticulous attention to detail.
  3. Excel at systems thinking, consistently delivering beyond just the pixels on the screen.
  4. Collaborate seamlessly in a remote-first environment, relishing the opportunity to share your work early and often with others.
  5. Feel comfortable working autonomously, thriving in the fast-paced atmosphere of an early-stage startup.
  6. Have an expert command of Figma, with bonus points awarded for expertise in motion design.
  7. Maintain a self-starting attitude, always eager to learn and grow as a designer.
  8. Hold a bachelor’s degree in Design (such as interaction, graphic, visual communications, product), Human-Computer Interaction, or Computer Science, or possess equivalent practical experience as a Product designer.
Product designer

Things You Might Do

As a Remote based Product designer, you must do the listed things.

  1. Drive the Design and overall experience of the product to achieve a genuinely magical user experience.
  2. You have to Work closely with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to identify new opportunities and creative solutions.
  3. Serve as a passionate advocate for the user experience, internally and externally, effectively communicating design rationale.
  4. Continuously refine our design process and standards, inspiring and influencing the work of other teams across the company.
  5. Leverage data and user feedback to experiment and constantly improve the user experience and product.
  6. Empower engineers to ensure that every detail of the Design is perfected.
Product designer

Our Core Values

At Ness, we’re not just a group of individuals; we’re a powerhouse team united by a shared set of core values. These values drive our success, and we work tirelessly to embody them in everything we do. We Expect the same from our Product designer.

  1. Pencil It In: We’re fearless in moving fast, do new things, thinking outside the box, and learning from our failures.
  2. One Ness: We’re all part of the same team and can put aside our differences to work towards a common goal.
  3. Work Crispy: We value clarity of thought, prioritize giving and receiving feedback, and are always prepared to tackle challenges head-on.
  4. Embrace Your Mythical Creature: We celebrate our individuality and recognize that our differences make us unique and special.
  5. Proper Way to Win: Success is achieved not just through doing well but also by doing good and positively impacting the world.
Product designer

How We Hire

At Ness, we’re committed to fostering an environment that’s open, accepting, and inclusive of all.
We firmly believe that building a diverse and inclusive team is the right thing to do and essential to driving significant impact and achieving success and hire the Product designer on same bases.

  1. First, Hello: You’ll have a 15-30 minute conversation with our CXO & Co-Founder, Kenneth, to assess if your experience and working style align with Ness. It’s mostly a behavioral interview to discuss your past successes and ensure you’re a good fit for the role.
  2. The Jam Sesh: We’ll schedule a design jam with Kenneth and potentially other Ness team members to observe your collaboration skills in action. We believe this is a crucial trait for designers in a remote-first company.
  3. Portfolio Review: You’ll share 2-3 past design projects and provide detailed insights into your approach, decision-making process, and problem-solving skills.
  4. Meet the Team: You’ll meet other team members, including our CEO & Founder, Derek, in 30-60 minute 1:1 meetings to explore cultural fit and professional goals and ensure that Ness can offer the environment that’s best suited for your success as a
  5. Meet the Team: You’ll meet other team members, including our CEO & Founder, Derek, in 30-60 minute 1:1 meetings to explore cultural fit and professional goals and ensure that Ness can offer the environment that’s best suited for your success as a Product designer.

If you read all the criteria for the post of “Product Designer” Kindly Apply through the button below.

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