Product Designer Job Remote based at Akkio, Hiring Now.

Product Designer

Location: USA Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing the remote Product Designer Job, we will describe Akkio.
Join our well-funded AI startup as the first design hire, reporting directly to the co-founder. With substantial equity grants and a culture centered around shared wins, we offer significant career, financial, and personal growth opportunities. Akkio simplifies AI for everyone, combining efficient machine learning with a user-friendly interface. We seek data-savvy designers who believe in our mission and thrive in a dynamic startup environment.

Product Designer


You must fulfill the following requirements for the Product Designer remote job.

  1. Proficient in distilling complex problems into a balanced blend of flexibility, power, and user-friendliness.
  2. Experienced in designing data tools, business tools, or dashboard-based products.
  3. Possess a systemic mindset, capable of extrapolating and extending shared patterns and behaviors.
  4. Skilled in articulating design work, processes, and decisions to cross-functional stakeholders and valuable feedback for continuous improvement.
  5. Dedicate meticulous attention to detail and demonstrate craftsmanship throughout all design stages.
  6. Competent in conducting user research and integrating findings into coherent designs.
  7. Enjoy collaborating with fellow designers to foster mutual learning and growth.
  8. Candidate has an experience of 2 years minimum of relevant design and product development.
Product Designer


As a Product Designer, you should have to fulfill the following responsibilities.

  1. Collaborate closely with product managers, engineers, and sales teams to establish long-term and short-term strategies.
  2. Design initial product concepts and conduct rapid field tests with end users.
  3. Drive product growth by experimenting and optimizing existing user journeys.
  4. Create pixel-perfect designs and occasionally develop high-fidelity prototypes using code or Webflow.
  5. Adapt to broadly defined, open-ended concepts and narrowly defined, specific deliverables.
  6. Collaborate with other designers to build and enhance product design systems.
  7. Participate in design reviews and regularly share work with the design and leadership teams.
Product Designer

How to Apply

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