Principal Ruby on Rails Developer Job Remote based at Lifetimely, Hiring Now.

Rails Developer

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing Rails Developer remote job, we briefly introduce ourselves.
Lifetimely, a successful SaaS company is seeking an experienced Ruby on Rails engineer to join their team in building a SaaS product for over 6000 e-commerce stores, including popular brands like Feastables, Liquid Death, and Colgate.
Their Shopify app store offers real-time reporting to e-commerce shop owners, with a data collection system that processes millions of orders from thousands of stores daily. They are looking to expand their team with a talented backend RoR developer.

We are looking for someone who

For the post of Rails Developer we are looking for candidate having following

  1. Minimum 5 years of experience supporting a web app at scale in a production environment
  2. Minimum 5 years of experience developing maintainable and well-tested Ruby on Rails applications
  3. Humble attitude with a willingness to mentor and share knowledge with others
  4. Able to both provide and receive direction effectively
  5. Available to overlap with CET time zone for at least 5 hours (European time zone preferred)
Rails Developer

What will you do

Being a Rails Developer you will have to do the listed things

  1. Develop new integrations with external data sources to enhance our reporting capabilities.
  2. Extend the product to integrate with additional e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.
  3. Improve and optimize existing complex backend processing jobs.
  4. Optimize and improve existing data pipelines for better performance.
  5. Collaborate with the team to develop new app features for our users.

Where we are and how we work

At Lifetimely, we value your independence and trust you to manage your schedule to prioritize shipping and achieve results. We keep meetings to a minimum, with only two per week – one for the developers on Tuesday and one for the entire team on Thursday and same for Rails Developer.
We understand that not everyone thrives in a highly social work environment, and that’s okay.
Suppose you prefer distributed work’s flexibility and lifestyle benefits and want to work with a production company that prioritizes results over constant meetings and calls.

In that case, we welcome you to join us at Lifetime.
At Lifetimely, we’re not your typical office or startup. With our team of twelve spread out across eight different countries, we’ve developed a unique way of working that prioritizes flexibility and open communication. Whether you’re a remote worker or a nomad, we welcome you to join us. We encourage long-form written communication and utilize tools like Notion to document our processes.
Our work culture is all about promoting independence and avoiding rigid schedules.

  1. Our team is spread worldwide, but our developers generally work during Western European business hours.
  2. We primarily use Slack for asynchronous communication but also hold weekly meetings to stay in sync.
  3. Our tech stack includes Ruby, JavaScript, Stimulus, Tailwind CSS, SQL, and Git.
  4. We prioritize long-term optimization for new features over short-term gains.
  5. Our team views our work as a marathon, not a sprint.
Rails Developer


We offer a full-time position with competitive annual compensation ranging from USD 70,000 to USD 110,000, depending on your experience and expertise and do the same for Rails Developer.
Depending on your location and work preference, you can work as a full-time employee with paid time off (through Multiplier) or a full-time contractor.
We provide all the required equipment for work and offer co-working space reimbursement if you have one nearby.

Hiring Process

For hiring Rails Developer we perform 3-steps.

  1. Initial coding task that can be completed in 30 minutes and at your convenience.
  2. A video call to discuss the coding scheme and to assess your experience.
  3. If your current role permits, a two-week paid trial contract to work with us as a full-time employee. If not, we can conduct a formal tech interview instead.
Rails Developer

How to apply

For Applying Rails Developer post follow these steps

  1. Provide details of the most significant web app you’ve worked on and the most difficult challenge you faced.
  2. Share your time zone with us.
  3. Let us know your earliest availability to start the job.
  4. Please provide us with your expected salary range.
  5. We will contact you for a test task if selected for the initial interview round.

Kindly Apply through the button below for Rails Developer.

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